Saturday, 5 November 2016

Without Rhythm

Some more catch up with my and this Chapters halfway recent past brings me to a run in early March that was set by King Ralph and Pop Ur Cork nearby the Prater, starting from "nearby Vivariumstraße" and the fact that this was a bright sunny day with half of Vienna strolling around that area made finding a parking spot an adventure.

A couple of weeks before that run there was a news article about a gentleman who would do a 10 kilometre run in a aroundabout for charity at an undisclosed venue as this sportsman did not want to attract tou much media and/or public attention (and cause minor traffic chaos). The same sportsman set a world record by running an astounding 852 kilometres during a few days on a running machine.

Meet the Beetles

Taking off from near the Prater we approached the Praterstern in no time and obviously King Ralph had been inspired by the aforementioned roundabout-addicted sportsman as he demanded the first and several following checkpoints (roundabout resembling areas) to be ran around in circles five times each, at least by those who pretended they could run accident free. Soon after followed that vast area where a from massive freight station - the Nordwestbahnhof - was once located, an area that is now being transformed into aresidential district with an endless array of appartment.

More ensuing checkpoints at more roundabouts, more running around in circles. Avery interesting area towards the end of the run was the local Stuwerviertel with a Circusmuseum being located at Ilgplatz (a round square, 5 rounds of running)

Somehow and at long last it was on back to the Prater area, then followed by a smallish circle, while the whole area was still jam-packed with the fair-weather walkers from all around.


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