Sunday, 13 November 2016

On n'oublie rien

Schellenhof, Schellensee, Kellerberg, all parts of the southern edge of the 23rd district where Hares Primadonna and Anita Hanjob started to-days run from the lower end of Kellerberggasse. Although this area is a mere 3 km from where we live I herewith admit that this very starting point was new to me.

The nice crowd of 30 or so started back to the Ketzergasse and fittingly on over that big main road called Triester Straße - Triest was not part of the Ostrich Empire for 600 years for nothing - further on past the Autometzker and eventually on towards that massive concrete Nightnare called the Shopping City Süd. I would assume this is easily the biggest shopping temple in Ostrichland and although the have places for 8000 cars outside their shops, especially on the weekends before Christmas there are always loads of cars cueing back onto the nearby Südautobahn.

The Hares obviously knew that in the next landmark on the trail called the Eventhotel Pyramide was the weekend of the annual Erotikmesse (Erotic Fair) yet there was no beerstop, neither inside nor ourside near the cashiers desk. After that cameth the Wienerbergteich, an area that drivers sometimes may or may not see when they drive down the A21 from the Gießhübl towards the A2 or the S1.
Look up the definition for Ziegelteich because that's what the Wienerbergteich is.


The last past consisted of some backroads at the end of Brunn am Gebirge, muddy fields and some more mud and at long last a Beerstop near the cellar of the former local Schellenhof Brewery.

History of the former Brewery presented by Primadonna (click to enlarge)

The way back to the carpark was short and the following circle with visitors from Illinois and Milano was not too long due to darkness quickly setting in. My thanks to the Hares for a truly entertaining run.


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