Wednesday 24 June 2015

Fair and warmer

Sitting at home (on Monday evening), without running the 2nd Donau-Oder Kanal extravaganza presented by Justin Beaver and Pussy Galore. That venue is a loong drive away from the south of Vienna, that leaves some tima to put up some links to places in Vienna that looked interesting to me.

 A new Microbrewery in Wiener Neudorf, a first in several decades. Do expect a run with a beerstop in that area sooner ar later.

The Vienna Beerstore somewhere in the 12th district, maybe a place for a future TGIF event?

A British Deli somewhere in the 7th district called Pastypirates.

More Streetfood alongside the Operngasse in the 4th district that goes by the name of Hildegard Wurst.

This list would not be complete without a Chinese streetfood shop

And, at long last, a general link about streetfood in Wien.


I am pretty sure that Mondays run was as great as last years and the relentless rain must have made the On After even more appealing. By the way, would it not be time to increase the Hash Fee again after nearly 10 years? Just by a mere 100 cents. Please. I know that I am not the only one who would be in favour.

Thursday 18 June 2015

No more Doubts

The Moron Brothers set the start of the latest run somewhere in that vast and mysterious area of Favoriten, squeezed into a Busstop waiting area that was surrounded by roadworks. All for your good and benefit, Dear People, The U1 will be elongated all the way to the Therme Wien and Rothneusiedl.

So I thought, well, what are we supposed to do out here where there is not really much green. Little did I know. After take off and a few metres in between the local Gemeindebauten then came the huge Kurpark Oberlaa in combination with the WIG-Gelände (Wiener Internationale Gartenschau). That park had been created in 1974 and comprises lots of different areas, corners and hills and a very interesting Japanese Garden that alas only opens on Wednesdays and Sundays (maybe that's Saturdays instead, I forgot).

There were walkers and runners sections, a few Gasthaus looking inns inside the park still wearing Christmas decorations, after all it's only just six months away and on one of these a most welcome beer stop occured. After this it was on out of the park running by the Musterhauszentrum and further on to that great comparational view of high appartment blocks right next to Schrebergarten looking smallish houses. 

Meanwhile and as usual Mr. Pink, late as always caught up as always. There was no real competition as Free Wille was absent and Tonto plus Flying Dutchman were taking it easy. And then there was the circle, again in the Busstop waiting area. Cardinal Munk, OVH gonged the Circle in as well as he gonged it out after an extra five minutes. Let us not forget that all this happened in the shadow of the Olof Palme Hof and most obviously tennants/appartment owners felt rightfully threatened by the sheer sound of foreign tongues, intermingled by that GONG and within no time there were three cars of the local law enforcement guild with at least 9 or 10 stressed looking poliziotti blocking every way in and out of that damn Busstop and it went like this; "Guten Abend, was machen sie da? Wir wurden verständigt, weil hier geschrieen/gesungen wird und es wird auch HERUMGESCHOSSEN!!" I of all people held a bottle of mineral water in my filthy hands and it was all left to Slush Puppie to take care of biznez which led to such official law enforcement mutterings as "Wenn wir gewusst hätten, dass sie so normal und freundlich sind..., AHA, sie sind gelaufen, und jetzt führen sie sich Elektrolyte zu (sic!) ..., ja, und dann gehen sie jetzt essen gleich round the corner, Backhendl maybe?"

Enough of all this, we are a peaceful flock and the run was enyjovable. Thank you/Dzien Kuje to all involved and partaking.

Tuesday 16 June 2015

Clause 35

Lord Glo Balls, OVH pointed out something really important and vital for all Beerconsumers and Brew-Addicts like me, a jubilee. So it cameth to pass in 1215:

Magna Carta (1215) The Great Charter

            John, by the grace of God, king of England, lord of Ireland, duke of Normandy and Aquitaine, count of Anjou, to the archbishops, bishops, abbots, earls, barons, justiciars, foresters, sheriffs, stewards, servants and all his officials1 and faithful subjects' greeting. Know that we, out of reverence for God and for the salvation of our soul and those of all our ancestors and heirs, for the Honour of God and the advancement of Holy Church and the reform of our Kingdom, on the advice of our reverend fathers, Stephen archbishop of Canterbury, primate of all England and cardinal of the Holy Roman Church, Henry archbishop of Dublin, William of London, Peter of Winchester, Jocelyn of Bath and Glastonbury, Hugh of Lincoln, Walter of Worcester, William of Coventry and Benedict of Rochester bishops, of Mater Pandulf subdeacon and member of the household of the lord pope, of brother Aimeric master of the Knights of the Temple in England and of the noblemen William the Marshal earl of Pembroke, William earl of Salisbury, William earl of Warenne, William earl of Arundle, Alan of Galloway constable of Scotland, Warin son of Gerild, Peter son of Herbert, Hubert de Burgh seneschal of Poitou, Hugh de Neville, Matthew son of Herbert, Thomas Basset, Alan Basset, Philip d'Aubigny, Robert of Ropsley, John Marshal, John son of Hugh and others, our faithful subjects2
                        1 Officials (ballivi) A bellivus was a minor local official responsible to the sheriff
                of the county, but as here, the word is often used in a more general sense.

                        2 Faithful subjects (fideles) those bound by an oath of loyalty, in this context
                probably the freemen of the country.

Editor’s Note: Only those Articles pertaining to today’s constitutional guarantees under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, 1867 to 1997, the Constitution of the United States of America and other relevant statutes are reproduced herein Ed.

And then follow all the clauses that this important document comprises, for us Hashers the following one seems to be the most vital one: 


  Article 35. 

35.       Let there be throughout our kingdom a single measure for wine and a single measure for ale and a single measure for corn, namely "the London quarter," and a single width of cloth (whether dyed, russet7 or halberjet8) namely two ells9 within the selvedges10 and let it be the same with weights and measures. 
7 Russet- a coarse, home-spun cloth much used by the peasantry. (Probably hemp-Ed.) 
8 Halberjet- probably a superior type of cloth. (Probably hemp-Ed.) 
9 Ell- a standard measure of length said to have been based on the length of the right arm of king Henry 1. 
10 Selvedges- the borders which were usually of a different weave from the body of the cloth.


Wow. Clearly ahead of their time, were those Anglo-Saxons not? A mere 301 years later, ze Germans came up with the following: 


Following is an English translation of the Reinheitsgebot (German Purity Law) adopted in 1516, the oldest provision still enforced to protect the consumer. This is taken from the article "History of German Brewing" by Karl J. Eden, published in 'zymurgy' magazine, Vol. 16, No. 4 Special 1993.

"We hereby proclaim and decree, by Authority of our Province, that henceforth in the Duchy of Bavaria, in the country as well as in the cities and marketplaces, the following rules apply to the sale of beer: "From Michaelmas to Georgi, the price for one Mass [Bavarian Liter 1,069] or one Kopf [bowl-shaped container for fluids, not quite one Mass], is not to exceed one Pfennig Munich value, and
"From Georgi to Michaelmas, the Mass shall not be sold for more than two Pfennig of the same value, the Kopf not more than three Heller [Heller usually one-half Pfennig].
"If this not be adhered to, the punishment stated below shall be administered.
"Should any person brew, or otherwise have, other beer than March beer, it is not to be sold any higher than one Pfennig per Mass.
"Furthermore, we wish to emphasize that in future in all cities, markets and in the country, the only ingredients used for the brewing of beer must be Barley, Hops and Water. Whosoever knowingly disregards or transgresses upon this ordinance, shall be punished by the Court authorities' confiscating such barrels of beer, without fail.
"Should, however, an innkeeper in the country, city or markets buy two or three pails of beer (containing 60 Mass) and sell it again to the common peasantry, he alone shall be permitted to charge one Heller more for the Mass of the Kopf, than mentioned above. Furthermore, should there arise a scarcity and subsequent price increase of the barley (also considering that the times of harvest differ, due to location), WE, the Bavarian Duchy, shall have the right to order curtailments for the good of all concerned."


Happy Magna Carta Day and ze German Purity Law inventors werent't bad either.


Saturday 13 June 2015

In the evening

So there was this dilemma that no-one would come forward to set a run - again - which ticked off the GrandMeister a wee little bit ("THIS IS THE SECOND TIME IN A ROW!") and thankfully enough there is Hash Lash Mind The Gap, a bit bored maybe to come forward again after last weeks Memorial Run for King Gook but? Cobenzl forest way up there (nearly an hours drive from the south of Vienna )is always worth a try so what the heck I though, left home even after 6 p..m., went to a Gasstation on my way and arrived shortly after seven only to find everyone long gone.

Taking in the beauties of the forest behind the Wein - and Landgut Cobenzl all the way to uphill to that checkpoint which leads in seven different ways one could get an intense feeling of contentement about all ends leading together - fair weather, natural beauty and the feeling that everything is being done to trim down that beginning beergut of yours.

It is not THAT bad (yet)

On my way out I met Lord Glod Balls, OVH and Primaballerina who've had it with this trail ("we're walking back, go all the way up and turn right at the HUGE intersection"). Said and done, the way was further and farther uphill until eventually a bend to the left running over a beautful meadow signalled the pendulum's swing. Fair enough, I didn't run too fast with wobbly ankles and everything. But still, given the geriatric overall condition of the better part of VH3 I expectedto catch up at some point. Well, crossing the Höhenstraße and still running downhill all the darn way made me think that Hash Lash must have had tons of time on his hands to lay such a scenic trail. Before hitting the Höhenstraße one had to run alongside a "Wiener Wein Weg" which ended straight in front of the Krapfenwaldbad, from thereon it was even further downhill and eventually back on up all the way. Of course alongside the road for the unintelligent ones like me who lost the trail in the end.

Nonetheless, fine trail and fun was presumably had by all. Pussy Schumi and Justin Beaver shone brightly in the light of their new Vespa motorrollers. Papagalli from nearer Vienna.

Wednesday 10 June 2015

King Gook RIP Memorial Service - Eulogy by Cardinal Munk

This is the transcript of the Eulogy that Cardinal Munk OVH read at King Gooks Memorial Service on June 1st.

Photo taken from My Pint of Views Hashphoto Website

"Before I begin I want to tell you how much I struggled to find the right words for this address. I sought advice from a friend who had lost her partner last year. He told me “The less said the better”. Unfortunately I can’t do that so please bear with me if I seem to go on too long.

It’s very difficult for me to stand here before you and say goodbye to my best friend. It is also a great honour that Virgina, Janina and Davi asked me to say a few words about Danny. Where do I begin to explain a friendship that lasted over 37 years, more than half of my life.

Danilo, Danny, Caacbay, born 1948 in Manila in the Philippines, Arthur Munckenbeck born 1948 in Brrokly New York. Geographically and culturally we were worlds apart. I had to agree with Danny when he insisted that the Philippines had better food, prettier women (as he always pointed out), people who could sing better (except for Danny), dance better (Danny could), and were generally more open and warm and happy. What did a boy from New York City have, besides his good lokks, in common with Danny of another world?

How about love, loyalty and utmost respect for each other. And humour! We both loved sarcasm, exaggeration of facts, silliness. After work we would sit with a cold beer in hand talking about everything and nothing looking forward to enjoying each other’s company for the rest of the evening or until he got a call from home (saying dinner was already on the table).

I met Danny in the late 70s at our place of employment, IIASA. By that time he had been hired as a technical engineer for what was then called the Computer and Telecommunications Department responsible for Computers and Telephones, all the things I couldn’t care less about but were of vital importance for the smooth running of the institute. I would often see him at the end of my work day installing special computer cables throughput the long narrow corridors of the Schloss. Yes, our work place was something unque. We worked in Schloß Laxenburg which was a Habsburg residence until 1918. The people who worked at the Institute were also special. There were Noble Prize recipients, world renowned scientists who worked on projects that were new, international, exciting and relevant to our times. Danny knew everyone at the Institute from the everyday staff members to the top scientists and directors. And everyone knew and appreciated Danny. People loved talking to Danny. He had an uncanny ability for recollection. Names, faces, facts could be recalled ina flash  that often astounded me and certainly impressed the IIASA community.

At first I couldn’t believe that Danny could talk with such authority to scientists on the reports they had published at our Institute. But Danny had a keen interest in reading many of these reports and with his engineering background he could digest and refer to them throughout his career in IIASA: He once started to tell me about a report that claimed it could be possible to extract hydrogen energy from trees. I asked if they could extract beer from trees as well and that was the end of that topic.

One of Danny’s most wonderful traits was his charm. Boy did that guy have charm. Old school charm. It overflowed and bathed everyone who was in his presence. “Waiter, could you please bring me Roses for all the woman at the table!”. He had an acute awareness, a sensitivity to the needs of others. He was generous, very generous. Almost to a fault. Sometimes I thought “I hope Virginia doesn’t find out about all the Mercedes that Danny bought for us.” He gave from his heart – he would often correct me by saying “Art, you don’t give to others, you SHARE with others.” Well Danny you did a gigantic amount of sharing in your lifetime. I hope I shared something back with you .

So Danny should I tell them about the sporting side of your personality? Ok, I wouldn't call Danny the most athletic guy I've known but in the early years he was quick enough for our basketball club. We played for the WIENER BÖRSEN KURIER TEAM, affectionately known as the GELBIES because of our awful yellow jersies that looked only good on Danny. We were in the lowest Wiener Division and were there because we wanted to have fun, which was totally frustrating for our coach who wanted to win. Danny invented the famous play number 2 which became the key to our success, It went like this: Danny would dribble the ball to half court, where we would raise his arm and point two fingers in the air. This was a sign for the entire team to rush and stand directly under the opponent's backboard. Danny would then proceed to throw or chuck the ball somewhere in the vicinity of the basket which meant it usually landed in the grandstand. Everyone thought this was the funniest thing in the world except the coach.

Danny and I have been members of an International running group called the Hash House Harriers. We have been part of that group since it began in Vienna back in 1982. Danny actively participated until 2012 when his debilitating illness made it impossible for him to runy anymore. Nevertheless he would still attend events and bring along his wit and laughter. We often travelled and ran together with other Hashers in many different countries. His favourite group, bar none were runners of the Zagreb Hash House Harriers of Croatia, people who we have run with for over 25 years. They loved Danny and made him a honorary member. Tonight at 6.p.m., the Zagreb Hash will have a special memorial run to honor their dear friend.

Danny was a proud person but not vain. Well he did like to wear, what I would call in my staid manner, falshy clothes. Coming from a conservative bent of dress I was overpowered by his lavish , bold and bright colours. And those white shoes!! Looking good! You have to have the right kind of personality to wear that kind of clothing and Danny was THE MAN.

I hope I'm not sounding too superficial about my dear friend with tales of clothes and charm. Danny was so much more than that.

He kept in contact with his former classmates from Del La Salle University in the Philippines and ofter exchanged information on the development in computer sciences. In 1994 he was invited to present a paper at his unversity entitled: The Beauty of the Internet: It's Charm and Dilemma. I know this paper oh so well because I edited it, having had very little experience in computer terminology, I remember trying to eliminate the word "Cyberspace" and asked Danny if it was a real word- Danny ooked at me in disbelief and said "Art, just leave it in!" Needless to say that it did mean something. Danny's paper was well received in his home country and can still be read online today.

Danny and a few of his classmates organized a program to improve computer literacy by providing used computers to elementary schools throughout the Philippines. Danny was a passionate man when it came to education.

Danny I'm going to speak about another side of your humanity. The side that the ones who love you accept as part of the whole package. To those who didn't now you well, at times you could come across as gruff, blunt, opinionated (sounds a lot like myself). What about your stubborn nature? You were a champion in that division. Once your mind was set you would never think about changing it. And boy were you intolerant of anyone who YOU perceived by the wrong. Sometimes that's a good thing, sometimes it's not.

I thank God that you did not become a Court judge! And Danny, you could fly off in a rage. It seemed impossible for you to quell your emotions at times but I know it was a way of expressing your honesty, straight and in your face. I was a recipient of these outbreaks on numerous occasions as Danny's family well know. At times it was hurtful, but hurt passes and love remains. There was nothing more important to Danny than his wife, his daughter, his son, his granddaughter and his son-in-law. Danny's family made him oh so proud, maybe Davi and Janina didn't hear this as often as I did but your father always told me how much he loved you both and how proud he was of your education, how proud of the success you have achieved in your chosen careers. And here is one refrain that I will never forget for he repeated it to me so often "Art, I love my wife!"

Danny followed Virginia to Vienna after she was chosen as part of the frist group of nurses to work within the Austrian medical system back in the early 1970s. He gave up a good job as a project engineer with a Japanese company so that he could be with her in Austria. Although he pined for his homeland he never regretted his decision to come and be with Virginia in Vienna. Here they raised their family and here his life ended. I know he always wanted to return to his home country and now he will - to rest in peace.

So how do I say goodbye to my best friend? I can hear him now saying "Art, this better be good!" Danny I will miss you for all the years we shared together, your love, your loyalty, yout warmth, yout generosity to me and others. I will miss your outlandishness, be it in your humour or in your clothes. I will miss your charm, your passion, your gruffness, your outbursts of rage, your soft humility. I wil miss your keen interest in science and I will miss your honesty. But the one thing I will miss most is how you expressed belief in your faith. I might no longer be a believer but I believed in your belief. It was strong and true and so were you. So my dear friend, farewell and never forget that I always did and always will love you."


Sunday 7 June 2015

Side by Side

For medical reasons I had to sign off for a few days and more coincidentally I had the rare pleasure to go to to a Full Moon Run somewhere in the 23rd district. Casting Couch and Sex Energy had agreed to set a trail "out in the boonies" as Muliple Entry would say. A newboot from Rangoon Hash in Myanmar called Barefoot touched base with the Vindobona Hash and may stay for some time.

A group of near 20 went off in the heat and along the track of the U6 for a bit, before crossing over to the Altmannsdorfer Strasse and eventually along the Liesingbach. As usual, Free Willie and Mr. Pink were late but given the geriatric pace of the pack had no problems to catch up.
Crossing the Liesingbach was pleasant and cooling, It's always amusing seeing people take their shoes and sox off before making the crossing over.

Nasse Socken sind nicht trocken! 

 A few chats later it was already back to the start (near a wonderful looking Gasthaus that would not accept our reservation) cohesion between the present cardrivers made it possible for those who wished to come along to the alternative OnIn Das Beisl im Hof. Pleasant Service, Good Food and a very personal anniversary.

Sex Energy and I being together for thirty years. Congratulations to my beloved wife and Thank you very much indeed to Casting Couch for making that tasty cake.

What can I say about this?

King Gook Memorial Service

took place on Monday last week in Vienna's 22nd dsitrict, in a church not far from where No Mercy Mistress holds her annual Swimming Pool runs.
The Service was a dignified occasion to say a final goodbye to a friend and fellow Hasher. The Service was being held in English language, with moving speeches being read by Cardinal Munk OVH and Joseph, King Gooks son in law. If I may get a chance, I might post the Cardinal's Speech.

Athos, Portos and Aramis (with D'Artagnan to the lower left)

The Hashrun on that same evening was held at Arbeiterstrandbadstrasse, venue of uncountable such occasions and apparently featured silent Down Downs to honour King Gook before and after the run. I wasn't there so can't give a report.

 Eat it?