Friday 30 June 2017


Eurohash minus 7 days. Ok that's enough, no more counting down the days. An interesting venue to run is the Seeschlacht area, which signifies a recreational site a bit outside and northwest of Vienna in the city of Langenzersdorf, location of the former parental home both to Casting Couch as well as Kuty Pi. The Seeschlacht is another lake that offers good swimming, yet in comparison to No Mercy Mistress' Pool (that run comes up in July) or the Figurteich has lots more mosquitos waiting to nibble on sweaty Hashers (after the run and before and after the swim naturally).

Casting Couch, partly assisted by the Great Kuntini has set a long run starting off towards the green and yellowish fields (it is very dry in Vindobona these days) towards the Danube river and that stretch along the main bike path next to the water might have lasted for three kilometres (?). In all case the length of that part of the run was sufficient to separate the 5 or 6 runners, me right amongst them, from the 20 or so walkers. A few sly Checkpoints and direction changes could not fool anyone as to the left these was the mighty river floating by and to the right we had to Motorway A 22 (Donauuferautobahn) which a certain no-no in terms of turning off.

After a longer while and taking an underpass it was on off to - of course railway lines! - and Gottseidank no one fell or got run over by a train (though an angry Engine driver could be heard honking his horn). At the start of the run there were no Hares and Prof.Dr.Dr. Felch, OVH promised that "there would be a beer stop". Needless to say that there was no beer stop - Alternative Facts here! - and running back through a part of Bisamberg and a much longer part of Langenzersdorf took us all back to the carpark. The very first visitor of Eurohash (ha!) came by which was our good friend Herpes, coming all the way from Jakarta.

A circle with cold beer and the swim in the lake - water temperature 26 degrees Celsius already! - and the On After at a nearby Würstelstand. And that were the first 6 months of the year.

Are we all having a good time?


Sunday 25 June 2017

To burn off the crazy

12 more days until Eurohash (and I will finally stop counting down the days ;-)  This summers first definitve heat wave has been lingering over the city for 2 weeks now. In a bit of a rush I tried to sneak in a substitute location for the traditional run in the area of the Figurteich (roadworks on the way, my dear readers) by setting a short run in Biedermannsdorf, another smallish suburb south of Vienna. The aim was to get a little bit of exercise (but not too much) at outside temperatures well above 30 degrees Celsius and on the other hand to take advantage of Richard Kopf's (OVH) absence. You know, great RA and everything, yet always on the verge of letting the circles go on forever. And the kitchen at the On After, the fine Bikers Heurigen Holzgruber, closed at 9 p.m.

Batman forever! RIP Adam West

All said and done, a little to and fro within Biedermannsdorf ("Excuse us, what is this white stuff that you're throwing down here? What? Flour? I know the bag sez so, but it seemed to us that you were marking our building site! Ah ok, might as well continue!")  Every Hasher who has set runs in the past must have been asked these crucial questions in one form or another.  There is this nice short stretch alongside forest and a stream that fitted in just fine and after running by the picturesque trainstation of Laxenburg-Biedermannsdorf (in terms of looking a bit shabby)  it was already on back to where the run started from (Running time approx 50 minutes). The walkers and the latecomers (Lord Glo-Balls, OVH) easily caught up in time. The enjoyable Heurigen scenery rounded up another hot day. And, talking about Adam West, this is my favourite scene of him starring Batman. Amongst very many others of course.

Wednesday 21 June 2017

Does the moon really care?

Same number of days til Eurohash (still 16). Wednesday last week saw me invited to come along as a Cohare by Casting Couch and Se* Energy to help set a Full Moon run (I know, less important than the World's Worst but still) in Vindobonas 23rd district. A bit of an old chestnut but always worth coming back to (check out last years blog post), apart from a bit of light jogging around the block is coming back to Mimis Stüberl, a Gasthaus unlike most others and well worth a comparison to our own Hash House, the Gösser Bierinsel and the great Grüß-Di-A-Gott Wirt. After a short run and a well conducted circle by R and A Ice Queen and Slush Puppie, OVH it was on over to the meeting place for the owners of their lonely Hearts, spiced up by the unimitable laugh og Mimi herself. Certainly not a tourist place with agreeable food and Puntigamer on tap.

Just add Water

Eurohash minus 16 days. The clock is ticking. The various Hares for the weekend runs have been around the place and there is a high chance that we and our visitors will be having a glorious Eurohash weekend with memorable runs.

The rare occasions on which RA Richard Kopf (duly assisted by Nail Me) sets his annual run (and I cannot remember him doing more than one Haring a year) have turned into regular visits to the  Mühlwasser in the 21st district, certainly one of the nicer areas in the Ostrich capital. Se*-o-Phone and family, alumni now living in Ozzieland have set many a trail in that area in the past. Running along the water and through lots of green and forest are reminders - at least for me  - on how the Danube river must have looked like before its regulation in the late 19th century. A run feature certainly was a welcomed beerstop (with cold beer!). This was followed by a few muddy patches and then nearly back to the carpark outside the Strandbad Stadlau. No Balls Prize, always at hand with the Gang Bang Bus when the Hash seems to have spacious desires reversed his van in the midst of a public bike path to get the cold beer as close to the Hash circle as Swedes could humanly do. Hardly any mosquitos, must be too warm even for them.

The Mühlwasser area in Vindobonas 21st district, all within Viennas city limits

I have to admit that Richard Kopfs once-in-a-year runs are getting better somewhat, must be mainly due to Nail Me being the decisive influence ;-) We want more of that. (2 runs of these two Hares in 2018!)


Thursday 8 June 2017

Exactly like you

Eurohash minus 29 days. The excitement is growing as are the number of postings on the socical media outlets that are dealing with this by far the biggest happening in the history of the World's Worst. Lots of distractions going on these days (Heurigen and such) and I feel bad for not having written in, errr, a few days. I take this as a good sign, so I've just cracked open some cool cold stuff from Germany (thanks to generous house guests from Dinkelsbühl, lovely place) and here is the latest gossip de Vindobona. And, of course, a reference to the title of this blog post.

On Monday a week ago I came up with a run in our backyards of Wiener Neudorf, a smallish and industrious city with lots of industry on the southern edge of Vienna. A Short but scenic trail alongside the old part of Wiener Neudorf (yes, we do have some patrches of forest paths left here) was leading underneath and inevitably had to cross back over the Südautobahn into the other half of the, well, older part of town. As we all are growing a bit sluggish and weary it took the slowest of the slowest nearly 50 minutes to come back to the carpark for a trail I needed a bit more of an hour to set. OnIn at our preferred local Heurigen Weinbau Hacker where we celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary. The owner is a nice guy and the place is a comfortable watering hole that we (Se* Energy, myself and friends) go to regularly.

Your MOM with bad facial hairdo

Me after a Hairtrim on a Hareday

A not so untypical OnAfter at the great Heurigen Hacker in Wiener Neudorf

The present I received for our 30th wedding anniversary. Thanks a LOT for that, my beloved SE :-)