Thursday 10 September 2015

Summer of Stories

The heat wave has passed and so have the summer months. Between a few Hash runs in Vindobona and in the blistening heat there was time for the family to travel to Styria and spend some time in and near Murau, a lovely place a mere 80 kms away from Radstadt and a town that hosts a glorious brewery with fine beer (I think I mentioned that in an earlier post, apologies if so). Maybe a place for a future Hashweekend in a few years time.

Then it was on to see friends in Poland, a country where S.Energy and I started to run the Hash back in 1988. The Hash Fee then was 1 US-Dollar and the Beer was Becks and Tuborg. Fond Memories like most Hashers have on their personal Mother Hash (naturally not THE Mother Hash in KL!). The Warsaw Hash are still a very active Chapter and of course the latest Eurohash has just happened a few weeks ago in Krakow.

One and a half K's long, 500 metres wide and the only person swimming is YOU

Last mondays run out in Klosterneuburg saw Tonto and Flying Dutchman as the Hares. The place is quite a distance to go from the south of Vienna and in spite of the eternal roadworks on the Südosttangente I was pleasanly surprised that it took a mere 35 minutes to get there. On the occasion of the penultimate Monday evening run this year the weather was a bit subpar and the crowd was small, counting 14 or 15.

Trail went out from the carpark near the Strandbad and soon into to old part of Klosterneuburg and in no time was I truly amazed when Hare Fyling D highlighted a Hash View Stop by the sight of a HUGE Castle (the Martinsschlössl)  that the Von Trapp family used to live in during the 1920s. I never saw the movie Sound of Music though. Must have been made primarily for a non Austrian audience. Some more running and puffing later it was on down the hill again and into the woods that are located between the town and the Danube. Long running stretches were leading thru more and more darker paths and I felt a bit fortunate when eventually the road to the carpark came in sight. At the carpark and during the circe we saw a) that Mr. Pink, latecomer, arrived amongst the fastest (which was not hard to do) and b) Joystick presumbaly arrived late as well and did not return before the end of the circle, by that time in pitch darkness. I texted the man later on and was relieved when he replied something like "no worries, the only thing missing was a flash/torchlight, apart from that I was fine!".

And, since I cannot and won't include the Movie Sound of Music or even excerpts of that I think it is appropriate to listen to some Cheesy Elevator Music.