Sunday 31 March 2019

Swing into Spring

It might as well be spring. The signs are all visible, the trees start blossoming and Hashers start wearing shorts and shades again (Winston Leg-Thigh is still on the loose). Hare Kuty-Pi chose Wolkersdorf, a town northeast of Vindobona as location (not really unknown territory since a maker of fine wines has his business only a few more kilometres further on) and upon arrival the sheer size of the park and ride area next to the Trainstation struck me, easily five times as big as the one in Mödling.

A fine pack of more than 25 assembled, explanations were given and it was on off towards habitated area. Chocolate Wafers are a popular local dessert, and I learned after the start that they are produced in a factory not far from the trainstation. After the first kilometre or two the scenery changed, from houses first to running alongside the waterway and further on into the vineyards. Back in the 1970s and probably also in the 1980s the wine produced in this area was referred to as "Brünnerstraßler", meaning wine of inferior quality. (the Brünnerstrasse having being a main road connecting all these villages with Vienna, now there is a motorway for the faster ones). Now all this has changed for the much better and the views we got from running a bit further uphill and into the green were rewarding and scenic.

Cherry Alley 

In terms of participants, Gunner Cum, one third of the once infamous Sparerib brothers made a surprising return after many years of absence, accompanied by also former Harriette and (his) wife Pacemaker plus their two kids. Cherry Liker came back as well, accompanied by her High Speed Dog plus a few bottles of Freistädter Beer. A newbie from Down Under who cited Geneva as her Mother Hash started her running career with the Worlds Worst Hash (and I apologize for not remembering her Hash Name). Relatively Newbie Just Teresa (started with the World Worst in February) made her return, still running fast.

Running further on this neatly set trail, with fine distiniguish between walkers and runners (and even Hash Kids bikes) the highest point of the trail came up (and the locals even dared to write the "altitude" of 242 m on the "summit cross") and again it was phototime.

Holy Mother, can't keep from crying! 

Still further on through runner friendly terrain to a short songstop and the final three (?) k of a run of decent length again (10 k or more).  My compliments to the Hare for having us (or at least me) surprised with various panoramic views and the hidden beauty of an area that is relatively unknown to me. 5 star run rating from my side.

Sing Sing Sing

Sunday 24 March 2019

Do your thing...

... because this is the basic ingredient of each and any Hashrun, if garnished with a mirthful attittude of those attending, then all the better. That full moon Run that I was invited to Co-Hare by Slush Puppie signified the 3rd occasion (actually run # 2,5) of our local equidistance runs, the first such run was set in 2004 and the second one in 2014.  Run # 3 in the World's Worst equidistance series won't happen before March 2024. The reason? Come along and find out for yourselves. It has something to do with Hashy Birthdays.

Thumbs up 
My personal idea about the length of a Full Moon Hash (F & M run) is that it shouldn't be as long as a regular Hash run. In that respect we the Hares took off from Mödling trainstation for a medium run and walk through the quieter backroads of Mödling, we did pass by a closed Heurigen (with the owner of that place I used to play in a local soccer team nearly 40 years ago). NBS - No Beer Stop sign in front of that Establishment.

There you have it 

The last part back to the cars was some more quit backroads with residential homes and little traffic, the way on back to the cars eventually was leading alongside the Mödlingbach. Short circle and great On After at a nearby Gasthaus, much to be recommended. Besides, LGB (OVH) pointed out that this Full Moon Date was a special one.


Go Celts! 

Wednesday 20 March 2019

Lucky 13

Starting off from the Narrenturm within the premises of the Alte AKH, the St. Patricks Day run was set by Lopsided Backside and Lucky Me and a beerstop was promised before the run started. This city run was set mostly with chalk and a good eye for detail, highlighting many a Hashview and passing by some historical sights. We do have some of these here in Vindobona. Having arrived at the Volksgarten, a small bottle of Sekt plus two glassed were presented to the Happy Couple Holy Roamin' Empress, OVH and Slush Puppie who celebrated their 13th wedding anniversary on Sunday.

We non sektdrinkers were rewarded with another edition of their timeless Sissy and Franzl check, so all was mended. Passing through the Burghof, around the Michaelerplatz and down the Herrengasse did lead us all straight to the beerstop, which was the Molly Darcys Irish Pub. Lots of green dressed folk was around drinking green beer and Hare Loppy charmed a waiter into letting me have my already seventh St. Patricks Day hat, thanks Loppy! :-)

Having arrived back at the start, it was astounding to see that Moehair Richard Kopf, OVH did buy a crate of Guiness Beer cans, which were contrasted by another crate of Schwechater Beer. Drinking from riches to rags in my opinion. The On After was held in the nearby Stieglambulanz where our waiter seemed to be not really relaxed. Nice run nonetheless.

Back in the High Life again

March 15 signifies the watershed between nippy and warmth, from winter into spring, and of course the opening of the Schweizerhaus, renowned beerplace in Vindobona and as always the place for a few likeminded to assemble and let the good times roll.

From snakebite to...

...Leprechaun (look for a translation of the card!)

Within short the likes of Dodgy Condom, Lopsided Backside, Victorias Secret, Walrus, Just Robert, and later on King Ralph came along for a few beers and some some relaxed chatte. I would be all for awarding Schweizerhaus opening and closing days Hash stats, given that we've been in this place so often already. The great absentee of the day was Cardinal Munk, OVH, was is still sidelined by illness and will likely to remain so for quite some time. We all drank to his health, he phoned us up in the afternoon and maybe by some fortunate coincidence he might be back for the 2000th event in late spring. (The price for a pint of Budweiser remained the same as last year).

Big Mouth Billy Bass made his return as well! 

A merry quartet 

Tuesday 12 March 2019

Join the party, make a sound

A few precious snippets for moments of distress, intending to make you feel better.

Followed by the Beatles with a remarkable tune:

And in the end...

Monday 11 March 2019

You gotta go Domino

An early spring run, set by Casting Couch, S. Energy and TwoBob in lovely Tattendorf, a place a few kilometres further down south from Vienna, renowned (at least to me and other winos) for its great red wines (Sankt Laurent) and a once great annual winefest, still to be held in June. To be recommended.

We haven't been running in Tattendorf for some years so it made a welcome change to return and, as we had our own Worlds Worst discussion about the amount of the weekly Hash Fee, a short official meeting after the run was held at the truly wonderful Heurigen Dachauer (take a trip out there and taste for yourselves). The pack of 25 started alongside the Triesting, continuing across the nearby mainroad into a vast area of vineyards (the local wines need to be grown somewhere)  and further on on a really windy day to even more yineyards. Despite the fact that the Worlds Worst Hash pack is aging we still seem to be capable to master long straight trails in opposing wind, embellished by a strong smell as there must have been some fertilization done on the fields.

On back alongside the Triesting again (with some yet-to-be added Moron pics to a few nice spots) to the carpark and the circle. Highlights of this were various birthday songs to our favourite absentee Afterglow (MSGK), back in Vienna on a short visit on the occasion of a round birthday, Hashy Birthday to you! and the presentation of certificates for reaching round run numbers to the following:

50 runs Walrus (and already Vice GM, something does not feel right here!)
250 runs Horsedick (part of the Worlds Worst Future as he seems to be younger than 90 percent of the rest of us)
1100 runs Prof. DDr Felch, OVH.

Though having reached my 1000th run yesterday I will have to wait for certificate presentation. There's nothing you can do when you're the next in line. You gotta do Domino.
Besides, we could settle the financial topic in relatively short time. Which in return left more VDT (valuable drinking time) for everyone.

In the absence of the official Moron pics I will post some more of my own shootings.

Are we not?

Look for a suitable translation! :-)

Don't believe everything you read

That's another nice mess 

Thursday 7 March 2019

When day is done

Live and loose while I am waiting for the opening of a local very well known beer place after its annual winter break (and believe me, they can afford to stay closed for 4 and half months). At the same time thinking of my dear friend who had to be taken to hospital two weeks ago due to a bad infection (and other related things) and who will have to stay there for quite a while.

While spring is starting to get ready here in Vindobona, here are some pics of various recent strolls around.

Shoes end

This is placed next to a great sausage stall on the Naschmarkt

It started with a kiss?


Pull factor 

Sunday 3 March 2019

Little is much

Sunday afternoon runs in the centre of Vienna? Not a really grand idea if you come by car from the suburbs (like me) and have to circle around to find a place to park your vehicle. On the other hand, city runs in not so well known surroundings (such as parts of Viennas 3rd district) can offer a certain charm. Hares Walrus + Walrus jr. met the expectations, leading the way down across the Donaukanal and into the Prater were the better part of the pack got lost.

How long within this wood intend you to stay?

Further on back over the Donaukanal and into the third district again, to a much welcomed drink stop (Honey Whisky and some atrocious Gammel Dansk), passing thru an archtitectural gem, the Sünnhof and eventually back to the Kolonitzplatz, place of the runstart.

The Sünnhof 

Moron pics of this run can be viewed here.