Friday, 18 November 2016

Moon is up

So there was a supermoon occurring, duly announced by Lord Glo-Balls, OVH and one has to say that the vision I had from the moon was close, clear and VERY pale. The mystery Hare was none other than Likk'm and the start point from the far end from the Stadtpark must have been an inspiration for every driver to secure a spot nearby. Well, we did pass by LGB's (OVH)'s mobile soon after the start.

Not much running tempo to write home about as within the entire pack, split up in small groups, there was no-one running. Or maybe I was so far behing that I did not notice. Anyhow, the positive thing for me personally after a 10-hour working day (shortly interrupted with a nice liquid lunch break) was the exercise, taking a long stroll through the better part of the 3rd district, on across the Schwarzenbergplatz and the Karlsplatz and eventually stopping over at the dreaded Christkindlmarkt am Rathausplatz.

Take my advice, dear readers near and far: This is not the kind of traditional Viennese Christmas market that you're looking for. There are enough other venues such as the Alte AKH, the Freyung, the Christmas Market am Hof or even the one am Karlsplatz are better fits for your seasonal needs. Take my word for it.

Senza parole

Quite a few took the nearest available tram back towards the Schwarzenbergplatz, a short walk back to the starting point and a circle with not too biq quantities of beer followed.  Any exercise spiked with beer is welcome so no real complaints here.


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