Sunday 9 July 2017

Eurohash revisited

With the heady week of Eurohash behind us I try to sort my impressions - very subjective of course - and the incidents and accidents of all this into a series of the next few blog posts. At the end of next week after a short holiday in Austrias most western province of Vorarlberg.

My sympathy goes out to the injured ones Fruit Manager (got hurt on our run # 8 . the best one of course ;-) and Bronco Buster (broken fibula on another run). Have a speedy recovery. It was an honour to host all several hundred of you as guests to Eurohash 2017. To be continued.

Fruit Machine being rescued on Trail # 8

Marie Tamponette

Monday 3 July 2017

All will be revealed

Eurohash week is upon us and it started in style to-night with run # 1900 up at the Cobenzl carpark, venue of many a memorable run in the history of the World's Worst. One run that I try to forget without success is the one Sunday one year during wintertime when all of Vienna plus neighbouring regions were up there to Ski/Sleighride/get drunk/any other reason, apart from 20 Hashers. This caused of course a massive traffic congestion with the nearest parking space for S.Energys and my former Hashmobile about 2 kilometres away from the start of the run. Well, when we arrived per pedes at long last we realized that apart from the carkey we forget our wallet, driving license etc. at home. And the icing - pun intended here - was that the beer froze in the old Hash Down Down Mugs. I am not kidding you.

Yet snowfall in July in Vindobona is still a rarity and I must have counted approx 70 Hashers altogether who wanted to start Eurohash week in style. The trail was divided in a runners and a walkers path, with the Hares Casting Couch, Ice queen, Joystick and Slush Puppie. I went on the runners trail and this route was leading down for quite a bit alongside the Höhenstrasse (look up the interesting history of this road here and here). A few faces from another Hashing life I recognised in Higgins (from long gone Hashing days in Paris), Saw Hua (we know who she is) and Loping Scrotum from the Copenhagen Hash (who came down to our run # 1000 in Langschlag in 2002). I quickly learned that the runners group was a bit more dedicated than the average Vindobonian pack, accordingly I had to puff puff my way back to the tail end of the runners group to gain a little speed in the runs second half.

Crossing the Höhenstrasse the forest trail was leading in a steep way uphill towards the Kahlenberg from where it was on downhill again, still long running stretches. After arriving back at the Carpark and having grabbed the Hash Beer of Eurohash week Boney M. (Frau Doktor) approached me with the question "say, are we back already? Because I thot that this would be just the beerstop!". At the circle there were strange memories brought forward concerning former VH3 GM Monsoon Drain (from very many years ago). Apparently in 1991 he organised an event and left the country/had to leave Ostrich country before the actual date of the event. It seems that St. Norman, OVH and a few more had to save that run # 500 weekend. On after at the Cobenzl restaurant.

The booze container for Eurohash week

According to my reliable sources this container is a little too well filled for the surface and its feet are slowly sinking into the soft tarmac underneath. A second beer truck has been ordered to the party venue to help lighten the precious load. And, be absolutely careful where you take a seat.