Monday 26 September 2011

Home away from Home

And that's exactly what the Hash House in the Prater is to our drinking club with the obvious problem. Finger Me and Hashflash Media Moron #1 My Pint of View carried out a run in very well known territory in the backwoods of the Prater, not far from the Lusthaus and of course the Gösser Bierinsel om June the 6th.

Here, there and everywhere

That part of the Prater has been so well covered with Hash runs in the Past that it is a bit tricky to come up with anything worth reporting, apart from there were no horses this time and thank you RA, no rain even.
The main reat of the evening came at the On In where we had the pleasure to sit outside in that marverllous garden. And I think that I thoroughly enjoyed a Wurstsalal.

No more mickey

Make up your mind and try out the Gösser Bierinsel yourselves.

On Out.

Friday 16 September 2011

Short and Sweet

Moosehead, a man of many talents and already a blast of our Hashing past herei Vienna  (remember his famous Punsch runs in past December months!) came back out of his hiding and with girlfriend and dogs invited the Hash for a short run spiced up with two beet stops, one in the garden of his trailerhome in Möllersdorf and the second one in another cute garden a bit further up the road in Guntramsdorf.  The track was not much to write home about but the beers were cool which - let's emphasize this again - is THE asset in the spring and summertime.

A typcial Vindobona Hash beerstop

Slightly Altered

Hash Blog is reborn
This won't be the last posting
I'm more than certain

(Sort of an optimistic Haiku)

That's what it's all about

The Beatles aren't here

But who needs the Beatles when you can have the Vindobonian real thing? I am talking about none other than the Great and Glorious Lord Glo Balls (OVH) who, on May the 23rd, made us return to the site of the pinnacle in his local Hashing career. Lovely weather, even the trail was halfway decent (not clockwise or anticlockwise like in Probstdorf, heh heh) and the crowd were in fine form. And, thank you RA, the weather was sunny. Alongside some backwaters of the Lobau and then WAY over fields of con and goldit took quite a while to find the way out of this field and forest maze.

And yes, old Joystick enjoyed a New Shoe Tea Bag the tradtional Hashers way.

On Out.

Out for lunch?

Well, most likely. The time has come to end my silence and I will try to come up again with wot's hot and wot's not at the Vindobona Hash. How about this for a pastime next summer? But please, no Bike Hashes!

Dutch courage

What more can you ask for from a bright and sunny day than to be forced to run from a carpark that lies right next to a very busy motorway? Flying Dutchman the Great ordered us all on over to the Brigittenauer Brücke carpark on May the 16th and then it was on off across the Bridge into the far and wirde luckily further on into the back end of the Donaupark. It was left to none other that Mr. Smile G-String to provide the energetic spark that would eventually lead the pack over to the Obere Alte Donau and then back into the maze of backroads that would carry everyone back to the carpark.

Having a barbeque at the Donauinsel (next to the carpark) is very popular and one is advised to reserve once such grillplace in advance as they are quite popular. Though that area is also supposed to be free of traffic, Pino the Frog drove up the Dutchmans Family car to the site, wanting to unload the beer and other commodities. He escaped from being fined by the ever friendly police men solely as he apparently had just gotten his drivers license. Or so. "Let this be a warning to you, son". Unquote.
And the rest was beer.

On Out.

Hsah Dinner

Tuesday 14 June 2011

The Moment of Clarity

Another corner of lovely Vienna that houses good Heurigens and great scenery is Strebersdorf, out there across the Danube and on the way to Korneuburg. Being a much preferred area by our dearly beloved GrandMeister St.Norman, that area on bottom of the Bisamberg saw many a run that either had a large loop to the right or to the left leading all the way up to the hilltop.

To-nites trail on May 9 took a left turn after the start, leaving behind the local cemetery and not long after did the uphill campaign start and that also include the sly use of a regular false trail (well done Hares!) which eventually ended at a very well known Checkpoint in the middle of the vineyards and that also gave way to a familiar look. And, it was pleasant to see Returnee Squeeze Box Mama.

There it is!

By the way, orientation has become a lot more complex around the area since the Powers that be (neither LGB nor St.Norman) took away the famed Sender am Bisamberg. Anyhow. Not intruding into another well known running area on top of the Bisamberg (runs that start from the other side at the Elisabethhöhe) the trail ran back along the local Kellergassen and to the car park eventually. Improvised circle by the RA Richard Kopf (super late cummer). OnIn at the nearby Gasthaus Weinbeisser. 50 % off on Mondays!

Listen to what the man says

On Out.

Watch what happens!

Friday 10 June 2011

What's next?

I am still lacking behind with some writeups which will follow in due course. I am also trying - not too hard, but still - to keep this mainly Hashrelated Blogs lively with the addition of the odd muzak thang, amongst other things. Do give the Van Wilder Drinking Buddy Game a try. Right click and choose "open in new window" or "open in new tab".

More to be added shortly. Thanks for being you.

Saturday 4 June 2011


The Kahlenbergerdorf, located somehow at an northeastern angle of Vienna, houses some nice Heurigens as well as the Jungfernsteig. That is an ascending slope leading uphill to the lovely church on top of the hill (Kirche am Leopoldsberg), and I am writing about a very steep uphill run that quickly after the start turned into a walk. The only notable exceptions on Monday, May the 2nd who actually managed to do some uphill running were Just Justin and Big John's Son. After just 2 kilometres we arrived on top of the hill at the church, enjoying great views over the city.

gaping heroes

King Ralph and Pommes mit Mayo caught up just before the Song Stop, after this it was on off to an enjoyable round along some of the higher regions of the 19th district. Steep descents - of course! - and much fun was had by all. On back downhill eventually towards the carpark and the circle right next to the regularly and heavily frequented RAILWAY LINES. Here's to Ice ´Queen who proved to be fit enough to set a kinda strenuous track (first 1,6 ks) and then did the whole thing again with you lot.

Somewhere in Vienna

On Out.  Haven't had Brand X in a while, nein?

Thursday 2 June 2011

Back to the Egg

One quality that my dearly beloved wife and I displayed for many a year and lotsa Hashruns was to come up with new and/or hardly used locations anf cough up nice runs for you lot. Partly due to time constraints for us Ice Queen and Slush Puppie took over this noble task and I herewith credit these two for being inventive enough to show the group once known as the Worlds Worst Hash all around the place within reach of Vienna that there is more than the Rahlgasse in the 6th district, par exemple.

Found one!

Sulz im Wienerwald and the adjecent assembly of houses called Wöglerin (inlcuding a fine Gasthaus) were the starting point for the Easter Monday run on April 25th. Lots of forest and extended meadows and a short thunderstorm at the run's start were the ingredients for a long run around the area that included egg checks (look for one easter egg each at one check) and the old fashioned egg liquor check (mind you to bring along at least a second bottle next year please!).


The circle happened in between two huge piles of logs and featured a door mat in Union Jack colours.
OnIn at the Gasthaus Wöglerin.

On Out.

Thursday 19 May 2011

Up where you belong

The Great Grüß Di A Gott Wirt out there in Sievering traditionally marks the beginning of the Vindobonian Monday Run Season, albeit with a few minor disagreements between a chosen few about the actual date. Anyhow, Monday the 18th of April saw some gerat weather, MUCH traffic inside Vienna that caused my Co-Hare Munk to set the trail on his own as I was very late, at least I could make up by quickly taking the cooled Sekt Bottles up the Hill to the drink- and Songstop at the Habsburgwarte, highest elevation in Vienna (541 metres).

We sure like running on Monday evenings

The run had to start punctually to avoid a return in the darkness and, in old cameraderie, the owner of the Grüß Di A Gott Wirt opened up his premises especially for us. What can I say? Everyone and foremost visitor and former Grand Meisterette Mindphuck made their way up the hill despite the very steep climb, the Sektstop and the singing were just fine and the way down the hill seems to become a favourite for most.
Very latecomer Lady Go Diver on a short visit from the Netherlands joined the fold for the circle and the On After.

Viennas highest point

On Out.

Friday 29 April 2011

Peace Piece

The next run on Sunday , April 10 was held in Berndorf, Moron growing up place if I remember that right. Again I could not partake yet the Cardinal Munk (OVH) promised me to come up with some Cardinal Chatter. Let's see.

Segway anyone?

Look for Life with the Moons

That is life

Sunday April the 3rd saw a run staged in and around the Wiener Zentralfriedhof, something that the Cardinal Munk (OVH) and I wanted to do years ago already yet somehow never happened. Credit to No Balls Prize and his affiliates to see the run through eventually. Pity I couldn't make that run. From the pics of this run I can just tell happy faces. Are we ready for the resurrection?

Save the last dance for us

A fitting song, somehow

On out.

Wednesday 27 April 2011

Get on your Boots

All change. As much as I like daylight saving time (Sommerzeit) my wife hates it. In the past the changing of the clocks led to a few funny situations where Hashers either arrived much too early or rather late-ish to the run on that date.
This seemed to have not been the case outside the American International School here in Vienna somewhere in the 29th district on Sunday, March 27. A good crowd assembled in the non-existing carpark to start the run  on up.
All the way up the Salmannsdorfer Straé and then into the forest heading for the Höhenstraße nonstop fun for the fit ones was guaranteed. Crossing the Höhentrasse and getting stopped by a short Checkback brought us back abd eventually to the Viewpoint at the Häuserl am Roan not far from our annual refuge at the Grüß Di A Gott Wirt.

On over the Höhenstrasse and back into the woods heading for the way home featured the way down some sort of steep hill and an old fashioned cobblestone road in town again. Only to face the following upon our return to the carpark:

Beer in PET bottles, a novelty to Voenna.

During the ensuing circle three new boots could be welcomed:

Not genuine Ostriches 

And that was that.

On Out.

Thursday 14 April 2011

All Tree

up at the Wotrubakirche in the lovely surroundings of the Maurer Berg in Viennas 23rd district on Sunday, March 20th. I couldn't contribute much to this run since I was not in attendance yet there were more than enough Hares (up to six?) so fun was had by all as you and I can tell by these pics.

Go Green

Wotrubakirche in Vienna and some Vindobona Hashers

Too deep!

Monday 11 April 2011

Hang out time

March 15 - Schweizerhaus opening day. Beers unlimited, same old company of the drunkards microcosmos and oompah muzak. Can it get any better than this? Thanks to all that came by and helped us to celebrate.

Here are a few assorted pics for all absent friends like Minuteman et al. Thinking of you and raising a pint in your honor.

Re-sa-wirt - Reserved

The conclusion!

On Out.

Ka Boom Part 2

The second and last part of the great powderfactory run series out there in Blumau happened on Sunday, March 13. I didn't have time to come to the first one last year so I was quite curious what to expect from an area of ruins in all sorts and forms, debris, tunnels and forest.  Take a few pics as example that the Hares Deodorant and Knödel mit Ei made sure that everyone was served, including a fine songstop next to the water.

They call it a bargain

A fine trail that included all forms of ruins, tunnels and forest and a beer stop in Deodorants garden, of course one had to climb up and down ladders again to reach the well cooled beer afterwards.
Some ten minutes later it was on back to the carpark with a circle in the wind.

Not really the Vindobona Hashhouse


Friday 25 March 2011

Where did you get that nice suntan?

No reports for the runs on Feb. 27 and March 6 respectively which I both could not attend. Rather coming full circle with my own Hashing past which is the annual Ski Week Solidarity run that rather unusually was held after the actual Ski Week as we were on holiday ourselves then (but not taing part in the Hash Ski Week).

Similar to the other annual run that I am involved with this one has two main directions where the trail could lead one. More often than not the tradition of a live run is being uphold in the area around Karlsplatz and Naschmarkt, yet four years ago long time Cohare Munk instigated running through the AKH which, for all Non-Viennese is a real big and I do mean big hospital with wide corridors. Great to use once. This time we took off to set ta live trail again from the Votivkirche, covering parts of the extended inside park of the Alte AKH (great Christmas market area!) and got close to the actual AKH hospital but stayed outside and headed back to the starting point by taking a few backroads through the 9th and then the 1st district.

Come rain or shine

Exact run setting time was thirty minutes and another exact ten minutes later Tickpleaser and Mind the Gap arrived as the FRBs, the former really eager to catch us. 10 more or so followed in due course, the most remarkable onew (Solidarity virgin) were Needleman and returnee Death to Flying Things.

OnIn at the Stieglambulanz nearby.

On Out.

Where there is no such thing

A Vindobonian Hash Ski Week that not only should be copyrighted after the success they've had for more than twenty years by attracting Hashing Ski affiliates from near and far is also being preceded by the now infamous Blue Moon Run through some Red lighted terrain in Viennas 2nd district. This all took place on Friday, Feb 25.
The Volkertplatz which also houses the Volkertmarkt, one of Viennas great street markets, yet again was the starting point and the Cafe Na Und the OnIn for to-nite. Familiar and not so familiar faces came by, at the start of the run it was about 20 diehards and on off into the second district. Not so much new or uncommon to write about the track, only when I found out that the Hares Flounder and Multiple Entry had the audacity to exactly re-enact last years happenings. Meaning the same trail, the same house of ill repute somewhere in Viennas 2nd district (with a hefty increase on the beer price, last year I think they charged a fiver for the small bottle to 7 Euros and 50 cents this time, a fifty percent increase!). And the second beerstop up in nearby Pussy Schumis appartment.
The short circle in the cold with no police appearance this time in startk contrast to the last two years just featured a few overly curious boys from the neighbourhood. And then it was on off to the delicacies (?) of the Cafe Na Und's kitchen

On Out to Hashers Night on the Town!

Monday 14 March 2011

Slightly unlive

Live run? You mean that boldest of Hash traditions where the Hare gets a ten minute head start and then the so called runners will follow, intending to catch and strip the Hares? There once was a proud such tradition here in Vindobona, yet with everyone getting older and slower this tradition was more or less being put to indefinite rest.

I'l show you your Live Trail! 

Hash Lash Mid the Gap had to announce a Live Run on Sunday, February the 20th starting off somewhere at the Alte Donau and in high hopes a few faithful ones turned up, expecting only the best. Alas, in the best from of a cruel hoax (yes, we do have a Hoaxster here on the Hash!) Joystick couldn't help but rush his charming wife Joyride to the airport to send her off to the Kashmir region again wehere she will to continue to work for Medecins sans Frontiers for a bit. And set a dead trail thereafter (look for trail types in the link). The short reconciliation with this disappointment was to find another watering hole in the 20th district, which is the wonderful Gasthaus zur Alm. Apart from that it was a loop through the 20th district and on back the long way over the Reichsbrücke and back to the carpark.  The Great and Glorious GrandMeister greeted MOM, Cardinal Munk and yours truly with a phrase something like "Did you guys have an extra beerstop?"as he seems to be flying uo and down each Hashtrail like a young god these days.

Clamps! Clamps!!

Anyhow, short circle in the cool and that was that.
On Out.

The Original and...

... a coverversion

Monday 7 March 2011

The Beauty and the East

Happy New Year the East Asian Way (The Chinese Way?) with more of the same i.e. meet up at Rahlgasse in Viennas 6th district, run a bit thru very well known area and enjoy some taste food at a nearby Asian restaurant, Hares being Staning There and Slusg Puppie. Don't get me wrong, all of this is very likable. It's just.... winter and the urge for environment when you DO make up your mind to meander around aimlessly should be less the city but slightly more the forest area. Yet all of this is only my two cents of course. Bet all participants had a rolicking good time and stuffed themselves near to blow up status at the On After. It's all speculation since I couldn't make this run. Anyhow.

It's Chinese New Year
May the year of the rabbit
Bring health, peace and joy

On Out

The Revolution starts with a cool cheap beer

Friday 4 March 2011

Joyful in Happyland

All seemed happy and everyone seemed to be cheerful down in the Happyland area in Klosterneuburg on February the 6th. A rare chance to put oneself to a Haring caring treat by the charming Bony M. and Hare regular Ice Queen. Sans moi as I had family obligations. No run report this time, maybe just a couple of pics.

The Path is clear

One true Hashhound 

On out.

Tuesday 15 February 2011

Raise your Gaze

So it was Wiener Neudorf revisited, this time by Sex Energy and Casting Couch on January the 30th. The meetingpoint at the local Music School (the Christoph Migazzi Haus) caused a little confusion amongst attendes on where to park their vehicles but as soon as the run started everybody seemed to be there.

Though situated really close to a main motorway there is a smallish beauty to the place namely a small little rest of a forest alongside the Mödlingbach. This way we took on loads of snow and ice and at main checkpoint it was on off into the distance all the way to Laxenburg, home of the IIASA and workplace of quite a few, past and present Hashers. A gentle walkers trail was being offered there which only the usual suspects took (no names shall be mentioned, just the local powers that be) and for the rest it was a bit further on into the fields along the railway (it was a first for me to see a VERY old-shaped Laxenburg railway station) and after a while there was a loop leading back to the far end of Biedermannsdorf where, at one point, we had a Sturmstop many years ago.  Minuteman, where are you when you are needed? Please come back, all is forgiven.

On the way to Laxenburg

The last part was quite a casual jog back onto the main road on over the bridge across the Südautobahn where Munk and Tickpleaser unsucessfully tried to block me off from overtaking them. Well, at least Tickpleaser motive was worthy as he had done 25 kms on that morning for training purposes for this years Vienna Marathon.

On back at the carpark Sex Energy and little Fallen Angel joined the fold, the circle was shortened considerably due to the temperature and even the local law enforcement officers were mild on us when I pushed my innocent little kid in front of them. The On In afterwards (a sort of supersized Chinese/Japanese Establishment), albeit only being opened last year in November, must really have seen better times for the service was sloppy and the free unlimited drinks weren't on offer anymore. Boo for that.

Nice run though. On out.

Am I fixated on Fusion Music or what? What a beautiful song. Gayle Moran does the vocals. Look for the Cee Dee.

Monday 7 February 2011

Down to you

R.I.P. Gary Moore and thank you. It all comes down to good music.

On out.

Wednesday 2 February 2011

Completely objective and unbiased

Stockerau was the place again for the run on Sunday, Jan. 23, the Hares being SuperMOM and Root CAnal. Apparently a two hour long exercise out in the lingering cold. At least there were no mossies around like last year in July when they were all over the place then. Not very much that I can say  about this run since I was not present. This is where family and I went instead.

Sing us another one
To-days music recommendation comes from Hash Flash Extraordinaire My Pint of View.

On Out.

Let's have a bit of music

Unlike very many of my contemporaries I have never set foot on African soil. Just to point out the beauty and inspiration that - for instance - Egyptian Music had on two regarded Gentlemen (It's an old chestnut I know but still darn pretty):

Going down south a bit further, have a look at these two (Stewart Copeland and Ray Lema):

And obviously, not to underestimate the influence of African Beer on mankind.

Monday 31 January 2011

Everybody loves the Sunshine

The rerun of a rerun of a rerun was staged in the Lobau, somewhere behind the Autokino on January the 16th. The Lobau is an area where you can't do much wrong in terms of setting a beautiful run and, back at where Lord Balls was anointed to the OVH (Order of the Vindobona Hash) the Hares Mind the Gap and Tickpleaser set a long and pleasant trail. I was very pleased to see Squeeze Box Mama again after a long absence. Good health to you herewith.

Everybody loves the Sunshine

Like every time out there I lost orientation after a while but the beauty of it all made up for that. The entire Marathon Family (parents + 2 kid(d)s came by and after some 1  1/2 hours it was on back to the circle with the usual amount of dog crap with which - of course! - my shoes made acquaintance.  Thanks a LOT!

You know his name, look up his number!

On Out.

Thursday 27 January 2011

Dump it

That of course refers to the annual tradition of our Christmas trees here in Vienna which usually get thrown away on Epiphany Day (Jan.6) . Ice Queen and Slush Puppie have turned this custom into a Hash tradition by encouraging everyone to either bring their own trees or simply pick them up from a disposal site alongside the streets somewhere. Anyhow, here comes another report straight from the horse's mouth i.e. Slush Puppie. A little translative effort added by yours truly.

Quote:" In all due briefness (according to the runs shortness, which for its part marked the 6th edition of the Dump your Christmas tree in Vindobonian Hash History) it has to be noticed that Hares Ice Queen and Slush Puppie were not the only ones who disposed of their Christmas trees. Upon the Hares' arrival in front of the Votivkirche (and knowing from countless poor murder mysterys that each culprit comes back to the scene of his first crime) the church doors were wide open and inviting for a visit.

The Hares could see a young man who was visibly struggling to carry a Christmas tree of a minimum four metre height out of the Church. Everyone who happens to know this neo-gothic church not just from the commemorative Full Moon Tee-Shirt (50th run) will be able to acknowledge that a Christmas tree of four metres height is looking negligibly small inside. Yet, Mr. Disposer of the Christmas tree still had a lot of work ahead of him. When that Gentleman started to work on a Christmas tree of a minimum 8 metres of height to dispose of this one as well we offered our help, after all we were auxiliaries in a certain sense. This sadly was not the case as the Gentleman hadn't read the VH3 Schedule and was simply doing his job.

An invitation to join in the Dump Your Christmas Tree run was declined and in the end we left him alone again after a bit of support work with two more Christmas trees. Presumably he is still recovering from the stresses and strains and is just spending a three week rehab stay in Bad Schallerbach to treat his herniated disc.

Towards 3 p.m. and very unpunctually Hashers were arriving (IceMoon with her two kids being the most attractive Returnee in a long time). Hardly anyone was armed with a Christmas Tree, yet there was a vast assortment to be found right next to the church. To our surprise no one took one of those 8 metre giants. After everyone was supplied it was on off along the Reichsratsstraße (thereby passing by a genuine Kärntner Speckbar) towards the Rathaus, then on left in direction Rathausplatz where finishing touches were being put to the Wiener Eistraum in 2011 and people were made meandering aimlessly in a maze that looked like a building site. Living up to her name Ice Queen will soon be putting out an inviation for a Hash Ice Skating Evening in February, watch for the VH3 Mailing list!

The Ringstrasse was crossed in front of the Burgtheater and it was right on into the Volksgarten where colleagues of our former GrandMeister, who in his retirement now entertains a Hashblog are spending their lunchbreaks in the Summer.The detour to the Statue of Empress Sisi was inevitable and this was the right stage settung for yet another open air performance of the already classic Dramolett "Emperor Franz Joseph return from summer-resort in Bad Ischl (starring Slush Puppie in the title role and Ice Queen as Sisi).

To dump or not to dump

Afterwards it was on across the Heldenplatz, throught eh Hofburg and the Kohlmarkt into the Bognergasse for the way overdue Beer Stop. There was a warm welcome in the Altstadt Bräu during the afternoon hours, the children and MOM had softies, there were some spirits for Susanna Bin Laden and all the rest gloated over the delicious home brewskis. Dear landlady, dear landlord: We will be back.

The Christmas trees were parked in front of the tavern and of course being taken on again after beer consumption as the actual point of the ritual tree disposal still lay ahead. The moment came in front of the Schottenkirche, to the command of 1 - 2 - 3 the trees were being thrown onto a not-so-small pile. Then it was a few steps back to point A and no one knows for sure how many pics and videos from those happenings were made by tourists..
And we will probably never learn if the Dump Your Christmas Tree run, which symbolizes an old fertility ritual of the inner alpine region, can establish itself in other residential neighbourhoods, maybe in a slightly altered format.
There is nothing more newsworthy about a 2,8 kilometre trip through Vienna City Centre and - of course! - it is an impertinent and herewith denied false information that the routing was exactly the same just like a few years ago already.

Twin brothers

All I can say is thanks for this valuable piece of information.
On Out.

Here is a little love for everyone. Enjoy.

Wednesday 5 January 2011

And that's Jazz

Do you like Jazz music? I sure do and here are two examples of the basic music as I would like to refer to it.

I am deeply grateful for the first example pointed out to me by Hash Flash My Pint of View.

And here is another example of the 1970s, Fusion Music. 

To be recommended!


Tuesday 4 January 2011

Up, Up and Away

Give the Hares Credit, as always. To start the Hashing year off at January 1st is quite an achievement and all credit goes to Needleman and Bootleg Sister for that estabished, albeit last-time tradittion, as far as I know.
After the annual Vienna Philharmonic New Years Concert it is mostly off to family and familiar obligations. It has been quite a few years since I was capable or able to make such an event, from what I could tell from the pica everybody seemed to have enjoyed themselves.

Three Vindobonian Beauties

today i dog-sit.
you, me, dogs, cats, new year’s eve.
i am an ancient.

(New Years Haiku)

I have a great fondness for Haikus. The Beer Haiku Daily Site which is one of my favourite things in that section to your right on the screen somewhere kept me on my toes for years. And I did contribute one Haiku to that site that was published a while back.

Anyhow. I hope you all have a great and healthy year ahead of you.

On Out.