Thursday, 7 June 2018

The Rite of Spring

One cannot say too much about the opening of the Monday evening run season. Well is it known to everybody far and wide that we always celebrate this occasion up at the Grüß Di A Gott Wirt, with the way leading up the Viennas highest elevation point, the Hermannskogel. Four Hares, namely Tickpleaser, MOM (Sektschlepper), Cardinal Munk, OVH and yours truly tried to live up to the high standard which we always try to achieve on that day. Taking into account - of course - the musical piece that is the title of this post.

Up there on the hill top as always there was Sekt, Cake and Song. A merry time was had by the lot of you who made the trip and, as always, friend Stephan who is the owner of the Grüß Di A Gott Wirt opened up his place for us on his day of rest. His restaurant usually is closed on Mondays. See you there next time.

Ain't no mountain high enough! 

Wine, Women and Song

The Lyrics

Advance Romance

This run which started from the trainstation carpark at Wolf in der Au, somewhere in the 14th district of Vienna was hared by Mr.Pink and (presumably) Morehair Richard Kopf, OVH. Before the start of the run it was announced that there were a long, tiresome yet spectacular runners part and an easy does is walkers trail so make your choice. There was nothing to complain about the first part of the trail, which crossed the Linzer Strasse and the railway line, leading into streets with one remarkable street sign as shown:

Que pasa aqui?

All fair and well we went on to reach to Mauerbach, a charming little waterway with a running path and some old bridge constructions which if still in occasional use look highly dubious to me. At the end of the Mauerbach walkers trail Hare Richard Kopf lost his sense of direction (and his mind for a little while) and all hope for a decent continuation of the walkers trail went down the tubes when no more flower dots, blobs, signs were to be seen. Accordingly, since that area is well known to experienced Hounds of the World's Worst we all went back towards the main road (Mauerbachstraße and then Linzer Straße) to the carpark.

I later learned that six or seven stalwarts survived the runners part which must have taken them well over two hours. Well done everybody. I had to rush home before the begin of the circle so not much more news from this one.

Get your hands off my filthy desert!

Put in perspective