Thursday 26 August 2010

Noddy goes to Sweden

Not a real connection to last Mondays run from my part since I decided to tale a break, stay home and eat great Wurstfleckerln - you actually can do Hashruns every Monday and Sunday in your entire lifetime but what the heck? From what I heard My Sisters Glowing (aka Afterglow) seemed to have set a good one somewhere in the 13th district and it musta been all milk and honey later at the OnIn.

Don't we all want a little Love and Happiness, at least sometimes?

On Out.

Monday 23 August 2010

Just a Pool of Beers

A real fixture of the Vindobonian Hashing year is the famed Swimming Pool run of No Mercy Mistress's house in the 22nd district, not far from Hirschstetten. The area itself is not that much exciting, yet after many years one knows that the highlight (heileit) certainly is the circle around and sometimes in the hosts swimming pool, do not even mention the sauna that came in Hash use all steamin' and cookin' two or three years ago.
A true landmark of these runs over the last few years was also that there was a guarantee of heavy thunderstorms and torrential rainfall. Much to my displeasure none of these happened last Monday (August 16 that was) but some really heavy rainfall preceded this run as you can see by the following picture of the Hirschstetten Badeteich with slightly high water:

Two gents washing away the blues

The run itself was at times really pleasant but the sheer sights and sounds of the nearby motorway A 23 for at least a kilometre quickly made me change my opinion and since no-one else is doing a write up about all this you will have to live with it. Lots and lots of runners cameth along, including Null Comma Josef, King Gook even (at the very end) and the Great Kuntini managed to master all of the course on his hot bike, dragging his father with him.
The swimming pool water looked a bit greenish to me, nonetheless just about everybody took a swim and three brave ones (Munk, Lady Godiver and myself) made it to the sauna and the usual huge and tasty B-B-Q finished everything off. Circle? What circle?

On Out.

Sun in the Night by Brand X, might explain hot sauna in the middle of the night.

English meaning of the lyrics:

Sun in the night
Everyone is together
Ascending into the heavens
Life is forever

Original Sanskrit lyrics see here (two variations, as being kindly provided by some kind people in India - hey I DO know someone over there!)

variation 1)
Apgaté surya, sadhyanté janah
Nanu swargé api, jewanam chalati

variation 2)
Asatam gachart suryah, Sanyun jayanté janah
Swargé jaté satcharti jeewanam

Any additions/alterations greatly appreciated!

By the way, vocals being done by Phil the Collins

Thursday 12 August 2010

Dazed and Confused

Since a likable chap passed through our nice city (Multiple Entry is his name) from Moscow on his way to his next destination n New Delhi there was no reason for 35 people to stay at home but much rather to make it out to the Votivkirche to take part in a classic one. Yours truly first got stuck in traffic and then I got stunned by mutiple roadworks and the result was me being 20 minutes late. Tuff. Union Jack pointed the way for me and after lots of problems to find the remaining flower marks, all the way through the 9th district, passing by the Piaristenkirche, crossing over the Donaukanal and finally ending up in the Augarten, I was most pleased to see that Hash Cash had been forced to sponsor a Beer Stop in the Bunkerei. After a longish stop Sex.O-Phone, Munk and I stayed on for an extra Seidl so we had to make our way back across the 2nd district and up to the Votivkirche again.

The circle had a special feature with a naming for Just Fran who started to run with this Hash Chapter in 1982 and then stopped for a long time. For your pleasure (?) I include the official naming announcement by the delectable Religious Advisor Richard Kopf.


[ the full story and AUTHORISED SPELLING have to be stated so that the
owner of the newly-named hash handle can keep this dirge as a
certificate for all of her posterior :-) ]

It is hereby announced:

Be it known to All Hashers - and in particular LORD Glo-Balls (cos it is he
who records these things and makes it official - watch the official spellings, lgb!).

On the occasion of the Run No.1479 at Votivkirche  (Hare: Multiple Entry - can't we get rid of him ??!!!),

there was a Naming ceremony for:

The Hasher Known Up Till Then as .............. Just Fran

In a full VH3 traditional ceremony,
was awarded the Hash Name: ............... ...  GLORY DAZE

Explanation (!?eh?):

perhaps due to the fine weather (gee thanx ra) in the circle, the Vindobonese
went for their third (!) naming in succesive runs (sorry, insignificant fool muhn runs do not count!)

Fran is one of the original hashers of Vindobona, going right back to ze early years. [Aside: how cum she looks so fresh beside these worn-out hobos of yester year - you know, those 1000 no-lifers]

Anyway, no-lifer "Cardinal" Munk came up with the suggestion that those early times at Vindobona were indeed the "glory days" (can i hear bruce strumming in the background?), but the spelling of the second word should reflect his observation  of Fran's oblique, slightly confused way of looking at him. And he wonders why...? :-)

As the other suggestions for a name were ven more obscure, Munk'S proposal was carried by the usual hashocratic procedure  (eh?!)

... She was not worthy ...

Ceremony (in VH3 tradition carried out by guest ra Multiple Entry): Flour, Beer; Flour, Beer; Flour , more beer ! ! ......
(disgusting sight)....

Signed on behalf of the Naming Committee:

Lady Go Diva (in absentia)
Marry Me (in absinthe)
Septic WYank (still on vacation?)
Freiherr von fickkopf 

Mindphuck (where she?)
Seedy CD Canada Dry (who he?)
Multiple Who (delhi or is it deli bound)



Not much left to say but to include a fitting song for all this. Led Zeppelin of course.

This Cowboy Song

The Floridsdorfer Brücke and that part of the Donauinsel seem to have a charm of their own since this must be the third or fourth run in this area that we had over the last six months. Despite being a little critical about that choice I have to give the Hares credit for trying to come up with a new part all the way through a Schrebergartensiedlung that could remind one a bit of Smurfland. On our way across the Floridsdorfer Spitz there was an interesting looking job agency with a slogan like Ready, set, work.

The thing in my right hand is a slidewhistle

There is not very much to report than the fact that I had a nice chap with newboot Just Karim who gt awarded a Down Down in most classic teabag fashion afterwards. Shoes and such, you know? The way back on the Donauinsel towards the carpark needs no further mentioning, since, well, we have been there every many times before.
And even more credit goes to the Hares for providing COLD BEER! Truly remarkable. Thanks for having me.

On Out.

You must have heard about the Comedian Harmonists. Or at least some of you. This is musical history, folks!

Sunday 1 August 2010

Preaching by the Roadside

Lovely My Sisters Glowing (aka Afterglow) set yet another run up at the Baumgartner Höhe, venue of very many runs throughout the year. The Baumgartner Höhe houses a huge hospital for several kinds of mental diseases and a pavillon called Vindobona. One could think that this Hash Chapter had been founded up there, way back in time when Leonid Brezhnev still ruled and Andropov was  not the name of my cat but rather that of the former KGB Chief. Anyhow.
I got stuck in traffic and arrived a little late, together with Joystick and the delectable Standing There. In no time were we able to catch up and the usual jog alongside the brickwall that surrounds the Steinhofgründe followed. Somehow or other that run looked like a rerun from the backend from one course back in March or April, and even a different starting point (carpark at the Johann Staud Gasse) was incorporated.
Munk and I avoided the Songstop and decided to head back all the way through the Steinhofgründe, alongide the Kirche am Steinhof and through the park of the hospital.

Say what?

The circle was a rather casual affair with lots of crisps and cold beer and the naming of No Balls Prize son who got the charming name of No Balls Surprize. Lots of mosquitos again. And, let me tell you, this is the season of the Winefestivals all around the place. If you're not from Vienna then try to just come along for a run with us in the summer and then have one or a few nice glasses of wine. Check the Whineroad link in my favourite thingie list. Although not really fitting to Austrian Winefestivals (or is it?); here is a little article about cheese and sex in France.

On Out with Pirron und Knapp to brush up your German skills a bit.

Asleep on the Rim

Back to old Kaisermühlen again for another Monday run, very close to the main entrance of that huge public bath called the Gänsehäufel. Our good friends this summer, the mossies were there as well, waiting for lots of fodder from their best friends i.e. all those who made it to the run.
Ice Queen, Slush Puppie and a friend from Norway (Bubbles) prepared a course around that area that which first led on over to the Donauinsel and then, thankfully, not down all the way to the Nordbrücke but rather back near the Reichsbrücke over that footbridge onto the Copa Cagrana. After a short detour and a consecutive songstop in the Donaucity it was on book along the Alte Donau again. The circle featured new boot Just Karims first run, the usual Union Jack speech and at the On After bazillions of mosquitos had a great time with the huge crowd that were all sitting outside. And I had a remarkable bad stomach virus the next day. Yet, that Zwiebelrostbraten tasted mighty fine!

On Out.

Today's religious advice is My Prayer by the Ink Spots.