Thursday 13 February 2020

In all shortness

A beer in my left hand, I am trying to type with my right hand to include information about the Worlds most northernmost brewery, to be found somewhere in Norway.

72 beertaps! 

You don't necessarily have to go to Norway, there are also fine drinking places in Vindobona

And, an article about absurd photos in and of Vienna. All kind of Hash activities are happening these day in Vienna, in Brno and elsewhere. Full Moon, Blue Moon and normal runs alike. And, only a few more weeks until the re-opening of another very well known local Beer place


There are bricks in your garden

Groundhog Day in 2020, also a Palindrome, as having been pointed out by Prof. DDr. Felch, OVH.

Hennersdorf, a village just south of the Viennese city Border and renowned for a huge brick factory was chosen by the main Hare S.Energy as a location and suitably the train station formed the starting point of this run.

There he is! 

A good crowd of 25+ on a halfway fair day, a walkers short cut and a not too long runners trail (a bit under 6 k) and loads of beer and wine afterwards. What more can you ask for? The runners caught up with the slower group not too far from the end,  there were Alpacas, a bridge in nowhere land for the front runners and a fine Heurigen with plenty of beer nearby for the On After.

Here are the official Moron pics

Follow the funk from the skunk and the dank that is crunk in the dungeon (what ?) :-)

Saturday 1 February 2020


Despite everything, we are all and will remain Hashers and citizens of Europe. And getting a Haircut every once in a while should be a matter of course.

A well known local Hasher who is also a European citizen at last nights Brexit run