Thursday 30 July 2015

The Exotic Traveller

Hashruns, tropical weather in Vienna and trips to the Höllental and the Nationalpark Donauauen aside, there are sometimes the real important things in life popping up. Feel My Meat and Multiple Entry got married last Saturday in Copenhagen and, judging by the pic it must have been a real happy Occasion. Sincere congratulations in the Name of the Vindobona H3.

The newlyweds

The Meeting Point for last Mondays run, a golden Oldie alongside the Brünner Straße and an oft-used Location by St. Norman OVH saw dark clouds building up and when the run about to start a wild shower, accompanied by hail came crashing in and within seconds all participants were either jumping into their cars are hiding underneath some little trees (useless -> soaking wet). This lasted for 10 minutes and eventually the run started, hared by Finger Me and Casting Couch.

Interestingly there were some flower marks remaining, for the rest that had been washed away a flower bag was carried around. Running alongside the Marchfeldkanal is a casual and relaxed affair, the usual latecomer Free Willie was able to catch up and during the sexcond half of the run one could see certain parts of that area in the 21st district had been used by Finger Me on an earlier run of hers a year ago- During the circle it started to rain again several times  Signing off for a week now, it is Holiday time.

Tuesday 28 July 2015

Updated Stock Report

But HANG ON, this is and has been stark reality over the last few years. Meaning that the runs chez No Mercy Mistress' Place had that Special extra added in form of hard rain and definite thunderstorms during and after runs, fond memories do include a Barbeque in NMM's Garage after the run - with rain POURING DOWN outside and a swim session in the pool,.including a throw around game with the Rudi Carell Memorial Chicken during a wild thunderstorm with the great Harry Tosser (who he?) playing an integral part in this.

Please come back!

So in 2015 the heatwave still lingered on and there was absolutely nothing to complain about. News about the successful bid to bring Eurphash on 2017 to Vindobona had already spread. A difference to the last few runs was the NMM was assisted by son and CoHare Just Ruben who returned to the fold and helped to show the pack around to the evergrowing districts of semidetached houses in the flat land. Have I already mentioned the heat? For the first time in a while Lord Glod Balls, OVH and I took a walk and talked lotsa things related to Eurohash.


After 45 minutes or so it was on back to the garden, swimming pool and SAUNA. At first it was just Cardinal Munk, OH and myself in that spacious and allready HOT room, one by one NoBallsPrize, MOM, Joystick, Richard Kopf and Tickpleaser joined so the place felt really gay and merry. After breakng sweat in the sauna cameth the swim in the pool and at long last the circle, highlighting the muscular bodies of an assorted group.

The powerful ones

As always, there was a fine Barbeque afterwards. Thanks to NMM for having us, as every year.  

And yet another song dedicated to the HEAT!

Thursday 23 July 2015

A question please

It seems that a new Hash Baby is well on the way. My Sisters Glowing K (still carrying that false moniker "Afterglow") and Rollin' Stone have registered for next years Grand Event in Upper Austria and, judging from the Registration list, a third member of that Family with Tee-Shirt size XXXS has been listed. Well, if that Information is accurate (and I have no doubt that it is) than it is fantastic News, so sincere congratulations to Hangover/Germany in the name of the VH3.

Who Am I ?

A Source had told me on the condition of anomymity that the Vindobona Hash have the right to choose the Hash Name for the up and coming Hash Baby. Accordingly, suitable suggestions are welcome.

Yes, we are looking forward to those sleepless nights!

Slow Freight

With the current heatwave billowing through the City (all hail the Dog Days!) I decided not to elongate myself too much from the fine beer fridge in my garden shed. Accordingly I missed that A 2 B run last Monday which was billed as a Prelube to the Eurohash in Krakow. While I was peacefully working away on my second bottle of cool Stiegl Beer, Joystick and Kuty Pi set some sort of trail that led from the Wagramer Straße via Mexikoplatz all the way down to Messe Prater and eventually to the OnIn at the Englischer Reiter Beerplace.

Due to the Stubbornness of the adjacent Schweizerhaus ("sorry no reservations possible"), most renowned but also most expensive beerplace in town the OnIn was moved to the Englische Reiter and Joystick told me that the Service was perfect, beer was comparatively inexpensive and everyone was happy. Meanwhile, the scorching heat goes on.
Let's all get a drink, preferably a cold beer.

Monday 20 July 2015

Eurohash 2017 in Vindobona

I just learned that 2017 will see the Eurohash happening in Vienna between 6th and 9th of July. That sure is exciting News. More Posts on that matter in due time.

Sunday 19 July 2015

Toute ce qui impossible reste a accomplir

Why would someboy - anybody - come up with a writeup about an Event that has happened already a year ago? The answer, dear reader, of course is WHY NOT? Back in May of 2014 it was the 1700th run weekend of the World's Worst way up in Weitra, a charming little town with its own Brewery of renown and a Brauhotel that was chosen by the erudite organ-sizers of that weekend to host us.

I had the pleasure to hitch a ride together with MOM and Cardinal Munk, OVH and it was the perfect no-brainer to steer MOMs car by sheer willpower (he did the steering and we supplied the mind effects) to get up us to Weitra in a decent couple of hours. Apart from perfect organisation and glorious beer, the thing I remember most was the astoundingly miserable weather.

Gnä' Frau sie sind ja ein Gnä' Herr!

The warmup run on Friday evening was a short look around the town and was followed by a pub crawl with quz night. The main run on Saturday span out for 16 oi 17 kilometres and was as much a mudbath as it seemed to be a rainfest. No honestly, hard downpour was coming in throughout the run yet the magnificient area made more than up for RA's shortcomings. Eventually runners and walkers met up again at a Waldviertel trainstop in a village called Dietmans. (How many Harriettes and Hashers fit into a tiny and sweaty Trainline Waiting Hut?) VERY MANY!

The Waiting Room

That trainride back with a steamengine leading the wagon must have been a tender reminiscence what it was like to travel by train in the 1930s era of when that wagons were built. Steam was peacefully flocking down onto the fields and at a stop a little outside Weitra it was yet on for another 3 k's of four. When the end finally came in sight - in the wind and cold of course - it was time for the cirlce on the old towns main square, righ tn front of the hotel. Apart from the usual Down Downs - I do remember Rhymes With C who came along accompanied by the notorious Likkm - the main thing was a Hash Wedding Ceremony for My Sisters Glowing K and Rollin' Stone,  performed in style by your very own Cardinal Munk, OVH who was duly assisted by his disciple Multiple Entry.

So you're REALLY sure about this?

In the everning it was long Sauna Sessions, food, drinks and party. The shortish Hangover run next morning comprised an interesting Hash View, a local cistern from medievial times. Istanbul cistern en miniature. All in all, well done organizers, even the pathetic weather made nearly no-one snivel and whinge.

Cistern in Weitra

Sometimes later last year My Sisters Glowing K and Rollin' Stone got married, even later than that TB Saint Norman, OVH, passed the Grand Masters Baton on to Multiple Entry. Maybe more on that another time.

Cistern in Istanbul


Wednesday 8 July 2015

Pizzas and Bongos

Sex Energy and I have been setting runs starting from the Figurteich which is located between Wiener Neudorf and Guntramsdorf for nearly 15 years now. Over the last four years there was always a reason why we could not use the Teich for what it is there, namely to swim as it was either much too cold or heavily raining or both.

In 2015 eventually there was a change to the good side, heavily aided by fantastic outside temperature (35 degrees), the recent opening of a microbrewery in Wiener Neudorf and a reliable nearby Pizzeria. For a long long time I had the idea and intention to order a stackof Pizzas for an OnIn, this time I saw the idea through and Ice Queen generously stepped in as everybody's sponsor, happy to do so on the occasion of her 800th run. Thank you very much!

I just LOVE Salami Pizza!

The pack of 25 featured appeareanaces from soon-to-be Mrs. GrandMeister Feel My Meat soon-to-be husband GrandMeister who wore a funky Hawaii Shirt (and I would be VERY MUCH in favour of Hawaii Shirts as Haberdashery items!), Visitors Flip Her and Judge Prudey from Texas, Fallen Angel with her friend Just Lena on bikes, supported by Sex Energy who also did the trail on her bike. It must have the heat that slowed the overall speed down to snail tempo and I started to seriously doubt the timeframe I had given to our new best friend at the beerstop could be met. After a welcomed waterstop near one of the playgrounds in the vicinity it was time for a most welcomed beerstop and it can be strongly assumed that we shall return to this place more sooner than later.

Would you like a snack?

Back at the carpark there was a short timeframe to carry the drinks over to the pond, get a swim and the pizza deliverer arrived with Pizzaboxes in plenty. Everybody happily stuffed their faces and bellies immediately afterwards so the circle could only start with delay. At long last the mosquitos put an end to the happy party. We will be back.

Un bicchiere di Vino Rosso, ancora!

Friday 3 July 2015


On this day in 1969, Brian Jones, a founding member of the Rolling Stones passed away. Jim Morrison, who passed away on the same date in 1971 wrote a poem about Brian Jones the day after he died.


I’m a resident of a city
They’ve just picked me to play
the Prince of Denmark

Poor Ophelia

All those ghosts he never saw
Floating to doom
On an iron candle

Come back, brave warrior
Do the dive
On another channel

Hot buttered pool
Where’s Marrakesh
Under the falls
the wild storm
where savages fell out
in late afternoon
monsters of rhythm
You’ve left your
to compete w/

I hope you went out
Like a child
Into the cool remnant
of a dream
The angel man
w/ Serpents competing
for his palms
& fingers
Finally claimed
This benevolent


Leaves, sodden
in silk
mad stifled
The diving board, the plunge
The pool
You were a fighter
a damask musky muse
You were the bleached
for TV afternoon
maverick of a yellow spot
Look now to where it’s got
in meat heaven
w/ the cannibals
& jews
The gardener
The body, rampant, Floating
Lucky Stiff
What is this green pale stuff
You’re made of
Poke holes in the goddess
Will he Stink
Carried heavenward
Thru the halls
of music
No Chance.
Requiem for a heavy
That smile
That porky satyr’s
has leaped upward
into the loam

Jim Morrison Los Angeles 1969 

Thursday 2 July 2015

Individual Choice

Just for the record (and whoever wants to check these out), here is another food link in/from Vienna:

Burritos for you and me in the 5th district
On an entirely different subject, last Mondays run featured a rare Haring by Richard Kopf and a Virgin Hare in the person of Just Maggie.
The Viennese part of the Nationalpark Donauauen comprises a part called am Mühlwasser (named after an old part of the Danuve when there actuall were mills around.
Greeted by an enthusiastic Richard Kopf we were promised another run of the year with walkers- and runners trails and a drink stop even.
What did we get was a wee bit different, in parts a rerun of Cumming to touch you and Sex-O-Phones final run fron last November. The BN (Beer Near sign) was gruesome in its place right in front of a little dump called Reiterhof dunno Restaurant CLOSED ON MONDAYS. All the frontrunners - quite a few of them, including Powerkraut who briefly visited from Beirut - turned round and waited in front of that drinking place when the Hares finally arrived and Richard Kopf joyfully declaimed "The purpose of the BN sign was just to keep the pack together. This worked better than I would have imagined" which of course increased his unpopularity.

Schweizerhaus Menu on Holy Thursday in 2014

He tried to make up for that fauxpas with a real drinkstop further down the road by presenting a pack of Kleiner Klopfer, garnished with homemade cake from Just Maggie. And then came the choice between Runners. and walkers trail. I should have known better...  A bit into the runners trail one could see that the distance between run marks widened considerably and at one of the next checks the running pack split into several small groups all running off in different directions as there were NO MARKS at all.  I ended up staggering back on unmarked yet beautful trail together with Horsedick, after the umpteenth curve with no marks in sight there was a friendly biker carrying a Map of the area and he pointed us into the right direction on home. Naturally the walking pack were enjoying cool beers already and one could spot runners still coming in from several directions. Usual circle routine followed that featured Rowed Runner - a late arrival - in a nice looking Summerdress. 

An impression from a perfect weekend aomewhere in Upper Austria