Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Sweet Wine

Mr. Pink, A.N.A.L. and Barefoot were the Hares at a location that I least I haven't to in years. At the beginning of a popular local walking route in the middle of the vineyards of Viennas 19th district - in not too bead weather - it was on off downhill, across the Agnesgasse and then On On, passing by various posh houses, the American School of Vienna and after that on into the forest and steep uphill, following signs for the Höhenstraße and the Häuserl am Roan, not too for from our very own Grüß Di A Gott Wirt (place of VH3 run number 1).

Chalk talk 

Shortly before reaching the Höhenstrasse, a wine stop was called for and, surprise!, no local wine was being  offered, but stuff from California (or so I understood). After an extended drink-and-taste stop it was on further alongside the Höhenstrasse for a bit until the next Gasthaus, the Häuserl am Stoan, came up and it was all downhill from there. Lots of happy looking costumers in the garden of that establishment was a clear indication that of course there are several worthy food places along and near the Höhenstrasse.

Suppers's Ready 

On down and back along the steep and traditional looking Dreimarksteingasse, finding the way back thru the Vineyards and on to the carpark was easy. The circle featured Grolsch Beer in bottles (well done Hares!), wine, crisps and certificates for Boney M. and Joystick who have reached some significant run numbers.

1050 runs in Vindobona are past these two

Moron Pics can be watched here.


If you really are a dedicated human being with not much life other than Hashing, well then it is not too hard to do each and every run in and out of season. A special run that I'd have liked to take part in (obviously I don't belong to the aforementioned elite group ;-) was the three country run, organised by No Balls Prize, Tickpleaser and Prof. DDr. Felch, OVH, some 80 kilometres away from Vindobona. Three country run? Being located in a corner right next to Slovakia and Hungary, also the most eastern point of Austria, this seemed to be a rightful place to set a run, with old-fashioned border controls and all.

Look for your yourselves, here are the Moron plcs.

He herewith declares...

Sunday, 29 September 2019

View from the Hill

Even after running with this Hash Chapter for nearly 23 years, Vindobona has charming and picturesque angles that are unknown to me. The first Sunday run (which actually took place 7 days ago) started near the Hütteldorf train station in the 14th district.

Still remembering that on one previous run Mr. Pink had set not far from this area he's successfully lost half of the pack during the run, I was kinda curious of what would lie ahead. Sunny afternoon and all that, good crowd of 25 (including visitor?/returnee? Squeeze Box Mama and definite returnee Alice, it was on off through the green neighbourhood and, after some water-treading and passing by the Landmark Ernst Fuchs Villa, eventually on uphill into a vast green recreation area called "Erholungsgebiet Paradies".

Soon after we entered this forest there was a steep - quite steep actually - ascent that reminded one on times long gone by, namely King Ralph and El Ninos/TBSaint Normans, OVH killer runs that incorporated VERY STEEP SECTIONS. On a view pint way uphill there was a Schnapsstop and an impressive view all around.

Happily passing by various playgrounds for kids and older kids (and a little lake called the Silbersee) it was on down to the area of Rosental, often used by Afterglow/My Sisters Glowing K before she left the fold to live in Germany.

Arriving back in civilization, the last stretch of that run was leading thru the train station building and finished off with a long stretch alongside the Wienfluss. A big surprise at the circe was that the RA; OVH (!) provided cold beers (!!) with obvious valuable help by the Cohare Mrs. Pink. At the circle it was temporarily goodbye to Daisy Balls, off to South East Asia for a while. She will be back for the Christmas Party she told me.

Here are the Moron Pics.

Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Keepin' out of Mischief Now

It was the last Monday run of the season, always signaling cooler and darker days ahead. Although, with the everlasting summer and warm temperatures still going on, the main thing to feel sorry about was the darkness, setting in at 7:30 p.m. already.

The Pötzleinsdorfer Schloßpark and its surrounding wooden paths, on the outskirts of Vienna 18th district were a most suitable venue to see the Monday evening runs off this year. Many years ago (between 15 and 20) there were many Hash runs in that area, amongst these a legendary winter run hared by G-String (serious mess up between Hare and Hounds) and an even earlier live run that was hared by Whoppa and myself in 1998, No Mercy Master was still around and in best running form. We were prevented from being caught (and from receiving the appropriate live Hare punishment) by a massive thunderstorm that washed all of the trail away. But this is Hash History.

Not below the waist 

The started nearly on time and the trail was leading through this beautiful park and further uphill into the adjacent forest, all the way to the Wirtshaus Steirerstöckl (great place, if only a little pricey) and alongside hidden gardens. Due to the long hiatus of Hash runs in this area I nearly forgot about all its charms. Still running and walking further uphill until a former Watertower with a nearby drinking fountain came up.

Within the Pötzleinsdorfer Schlosspark 

After this, it was alongside the Neustifter Cemetery and back downhill through rather posh-looking and quiet backroads of that area. We passed by a much inviting Heurigen restaurant on our way and reached the starting point again n the beginning darkness. After the beginning of the circle (which was held at the parks entrance door, with the help of one bribed employee - cold beer!, Moehair Richard Kopf was a late cummer, Sinex and Multiple Entry were visitors and a new boot called Barney made his debut with the Worlds Worst. 10 minutes to eight the first police car arrived and left after suitable explanations given by Prince of Barkness, OVH ("We are driving once around the block and then you're GONE, capito!?" "Thank you officer").

Shortly after we ended the circle a second police car arrived ("We were told that there was a bunch of rowdy pensionists at the park, and mind you a third car is underway"!). Well, the Cardinal and I had a pint of Weitra Bier for supper and most of the rest took off to the nearby On-In. Nice run, thank you to the Hare Casting Couch. 

Aia i hea i ka lua?

Where are the toilets?   And now, on to the Sunday runs.

Here are the Moron Pics.

Sunday, 15 September 2019

Penultimate Thoughts

The days are getting shorter, the Monday run period is about to end and. In a well hidden corner of Viennas 20th district, the Brigittenau, King Ralph laid another of his "see the beauty in the suburbs" run.

On Trail 

Starting from a well-hidden carpark underneath the concrete of the Handelskai road the trails's first part was a run/walk through the various Gemeindebauten of this district. When a checkpoint at the start of the Floridsdorfer Brücke was reached I feared for the worst as this is a) a rather long run/walk over this bridge and b) and even longer run/walk back, but in the darkness.

The trail continued on down, alongside the Danube (very long and very straight part) to the short songstop. 2 thirds of the pack of 20 continued on the Walkers trail, until after quite some more sightseeing through parts of the 19th and mostly the 20th district it was on back to the carpark. The circle featured the return of Bootleg Sister and Needleman, as well as Queenie and Tonto. After 45 minutes of drunken depraved singing two agents of the local law enforcement community paid a short visit. After King Ralph himself explained to them the concept of a drinking club with a running problem, they left without further ado.

And, of course, there was the shoe story, a continuation of last weeks theft of Walrus' shoes at Tickpleasers place. Read all about it in the words of Walrus, Vice GM, himself.

"Good morning Hashers,

As you may recall, yesterday's run at the Handelskai was to be the scene of a three-way shoe trade, a "handel" as the locals would have it.  I brought Tick Pleaser's Crocs, TP brought Whoppa's left-behind shoes and MoM brought my shoes that he and King Ralph kidnapped, like Richard Lionheart, at the TGIF on Friday.  My shoes were in the white plastic bag that Whoppa had put them in.

Fast forward to the circle when KR steps up and asks MoM for the plastic bag with the shoes.  MoM hands him the bag and Ralph queries "Are these the right shoes?"  MoM confirms and KR proceeds to pull out the shoes.  The shoes he pulls out are black, as they should be, but clearly are not size 47 extra-extra-wide.  None the less he calls me in the circle to drink beer from said shoes which, I point out, clearly are not my shoes.  Meanwhile, Whoppa perceives that the shoes that KR are holding are his missing shoes and attempts to recover them before they are polluted with beer.  While they wrestle over the shoes I rejoin the circle.  Ultimately Whoppa and I humor KR and drink beer from Whoppa's newly recovered shoes.  Later on KR and I drink beer from my new shoes (the twin pair to the missing ones).  The circle continues and then the police shows up but do nothing to explain how my shoes remain missing and Whoppas' shoes were in the plastic bag.

High Beers 

Since I know this chain of events have left you tortured all night, here are the details of yesterday's supply chain attack, what KR, for once appropriately, would pronounce as a "shoepply chain attack."  TP and I both arrived early for the run, at the site where KR usually meets his dealer by the looks of it, both bringing the Croc's and Whoppa's pair of shoes.  A little later MoM arrives with my shoes in the white plastic bag.  Seeing that there is parking at the site, MoM entrusts the plastic bag to a deranged older man and goes to get his car.  I see my chance and recover the bag with my shoes while the older man is inspecting the finger that just came out of his nose.  Then we run.

As the circle is forming, TP and I go to his car and switch my shoes for Whoppa's in the bag and put the bag back in the circle between the kindly old man and MoM.  MoM assumes the bag was stored safely and hands it over to KR, confirming that the bag has been stored securely all along.  The circle is more confused than usual.

All is well that ends well.  The circle ends with me holding wet shoes and socks but knowing that there is a dry pair of shoes and socks in TP's car (that MoM had brought earlier).  Whoppa has a pair of dry and a pair of wet shoes and the bag he originally put my shoes in and TP drove home with his Crocs in his car.

Questions, comments, rude noises?"

Friday, 13 September 2019

Harvest Moon

No run report but an interesting explanation about the Harvest Moon, given by Lord Glo-Balls, OVH (thanks!):

Hi Hasher,

The September full Moon or “Harvest Moon” used to be a celestial boon for farmers. Because it rises soon after sunset, they could continue reaping their crops by its light until late, hence the name. It is also the full Moon closest to the autumnal equinox (September 23rd this year), the astronomical onset of autumn, when the sun is directly above the equator and day and night are of equal length. Coincidentally, this Harvest Moon will also be a “micro-moon”, because it is at the farthest point from Earth in its orbit. This means it will appear 14% smaller than February’s “supermoon”. Although the full Moon’s peak above America’s east coast and Britain will be after midnight—and so technically on Saturday morning—for the superstitious at least there is something portentous about its rising on the night of Friday the 13th. Particularly as, according to paranormal types, the Harvest Moon imbues werewolves with increased power.

Watch out for werewolves!

Saturday, 7 September 2019

Finest Pleasure

Following up on last year glorious Muddy Angels Run (look here for the previous post with explanations), 8 merry Harriettes of the World's Worst teamed up to partake in this years edition in the Prater area of Vienna, near the Ernst Happel Soccer Stadium. No sun and no warmth to-day, rather rain and plenty of mud for everyone

I can see all obstacles in my way 

Shortly after 10 a.m. all participants with entourage arrived, a few cigarettes were smoked, a bottle of prosecco was emptied and and off our heroines went towards the starting line, taking off punctually at 11 o'clock. The task was not to run fast or slow but rather to master the various obstacles by means of working together as a team (which, at the second last obstacle, made for some great photos, have a look at the second last pic below).

Mostly Muddy
Getting further along the track more obstacles came up and were put behind bravel, and the overall running time of one hour went by a bit too fast (for me at least). After well deserved high fives for the glorious eight (Casting Couch, Kuty Pi, Root CAnal, Anita Hanjob, Victorias Secret, S.Energy surprise and special guest Afterglow coming all the way from Hannover and Lopsided Backside) refreshing drinks of the bubbly kind were served by their loyal supporters (male cheerleaders). A fine Hashworthy experience, I suppose that fun was had by all.

Wish that was beer

All for one and one for all! 

Smiles ahead

Lotsa Muddy Angels pics can be admired here.

Thursday, 5 September 2019

Spill the Wine

The Monday evening run period is nearing its end and Tickpleaser helped to ease the pain by setting a  on Tirolerhof, a little uphill from Perchtoldsdorf. Having been to many a run that started from this place, I expected straight uphill running with no excuses. To my mild surprise it was all the down the udder side, right thru the lovely and widespread vineyards,  a joy to watch right before the start of harvest with all grapes still up in full glory.

Coming into Perchtoldsdorf the trail continued on to a bit of unknown terrain (for me), steep roads down and much more up until a big fenced door came up in front of us. Another surprise was when the Hare opened the unlocked door and we continued onto the drink stop of the month (try to remember the booze of September).

The Wine is nigh! 

Come by and see

The wonderful Mohrenberger Alm, offering spectacular views all around, offered great wine, Sturm (the non fermented wine), water of course and a well assorted library for the curious ones. Fully recommended to visit this place whenever it is open and your time permitting. The Vindobona area has many different Heurigen places and this one plays in the upper league (for me). And an Ostrich wine drinking song for your entermainment is herewith provided.

Me REALLY likey! 

Warning: Reading can broaden your horizon!

The short and dark way back to the circle brought, after running a bit through the already pitch dark forest, another great view all over Vienna in evening lights. During the short circle (in the absence of the RA) the two late cummers King Ralph and Mr. Pink were awarded Down Downs, as well as Eurohash survivors Victoria's Secret, Barefoot, Holy Roamin' Empress and Prince of Barkness, both OVH. No swimming afterwards (I was told) but the running shoes of Walrus mysteriously disappeared from the Hares's garden and Mr. Vice GM had to travel home in much too small garden crocs that were lent to him, well meant. To be continued, perhaps.

Moron pics not taken by a Moron to be seen here.

Monday, 26 August 2019

Boogie on Vineyard Hill

Langenlois, a town somewhere in Lower Austria and 70 k away from Vienna, well known for its fine wines (examples here and there) was again the venue of a run set by Lopsided Backside, duly supported by No Balls Prize. Yet another 35 or so Hashers came by car, train and even walked the last bit to the train station (Mother Superior and Cardinal Munk, both OVH) as the driver (MOM) must have parked his car quite a bit away from the carpark. Nothing new weatherwise, it was yet another really warm day and after the start, when the trail split into a walkers and a runners trail, the common way uphill caused not massive sweat for everyone, and a certain member of the OVH took advantage of the great views that these hills were offering:-

Some Dutch courage on display
Bacchus would have been proud

After that much welcomed breathing stop it was downhill sooner than expected - there was a winestop promised at the start of the run - and both walkers and runners found their way back into the confines of Langenlois, a well kept city with lots of winemakers and a big number of old looking buildings.
And of course a very special hotel for the romantic winos, to be recommended. Seemingly aimless trail kept getting us nearer towards the drinkstop.   

The winestop eventually materialized in form of a Wine Stall of the local Kellerfest at the Sauberg (charming name) and those glasses of Weißer Spritzer (White Wine mixed with mineral water) went down everyones throats in no time. Apart from those who had non-alcoholic drinks of course. Lopsided Backsides Mom (not the Hasher of the same name) helped to operate that Wine Stall and apparently knew most of the pack as she seemed happy to see us. 

After the wine stop it was on back to the carpark, with a long circle, lots of cool beers and a visitor  from the Bay of Islands Hash in New Zealand (friend of Free Willie). Apologies for not memorizing his name. 

A very fine effort indeed, Langenlois is well worth of trip for Hashing and bacchantic pleasures. 

Moron Pics in the Morons' absence? Look here.

Thursday, 15 August 2019

Soul sacrifice

50 years and and counting. Fantastic piece, fantastic drummer Michael Shrieve.

With a mighty crash

The Blessed Saint Norman, OVH decided to lay a trail in Gerasdorf bei Wien, another place on the other side of town. After an extended period of heat the clouds finally started to turn black and dark and even darker. Big renovation works/road works were on at the carpark of the trainstation in Gerasdorf; after Hash Cash Ass Prof. DDr. Felch, OVH collected Hash Cash it all came together and the rain exploded with a mighty crash.

Wet Wet Wet 

Of course, most of the pack of 20 were far away enuff from their cars to get soaking wet in no time. Honestly, I liked that mighty downpour very much that also delayed the start of the run for a quarter of an hour. After the rain had ceased those who could hide in their cars in time (Moron Bros. Inc. for example) got out, and a train arrived that allowed the latecummers Mr. Pink, A.N.A.L. to join in time and off we went onto a trail where the flour got more or less washed away completely. The good Hare made up for this by remarking the trail with chalk during the run, which worked quite well.

See you in the fall 

Running through various very wet parts of this and neighbouring villages, passing by a Salami factory (I don't like Salami) and all the way on, passing a flooded railway passage (where Finger Me had the audacity to take off her shoes to keep them dry) a car junkyard, which was followed by extended stables, a dog exhibition centre and finally the local Badeteich, it was on back to the train station after one and a half hours. The circle featured Finger Me as Richard Kopf lookalike (in the absence of the latter) to thank the RA for his incompetent weather management. Other noteworthy Down Downs were handed out to Just In Beaver (cycling 82 km before the run) and Daisy Balls (starring in a theater piece which is on for the next three weeks).

Moron Pics to be seen here.

Sunday, 11 August 2019


Warm summer evening, nice crowd of 30. You have heard this before and the run that Victoria's Secret came up with last Monday somewhere in the 21st district of Vienna was no exception. Partly doing a rerun of a track she set together with Lopsided Backside, or was it Nail Me?, the surroundings were still mostly unbeknownst to me - as an Ostrich living on the other side of town - up until the manifestation of the Großfeldsiedlung with its plethora of appartment blocks came up, and that was after a good bit of running was done already. The pack separated into a (bigger) runners and a therefore smaller walkers group, only to merrily reunite of the beerstop with lots and lots of COLD BEER.


After the beerstop, it was again runners and walkers trail leading back to the circle that had a returnee of the special kind. Whoppa made his return and was welcomed back into the fold with the evenings first Down Down. Hashflash My Pint of View did 700 runs and was awarded a certificate, again LOTS of COLD BEER were available and the circle stopped when it was declared that the kitchen of the OnAfter (which S.Energy and I did not to go) would close within the next twenty minutes.
A fine effort by the Hare, many thanks.

Moron pics can be watched here.

When all is pooped and done 

Klopeiner See in Carinthia

BIG hearing aids

A perfect pool at a truly great place 

Saturday, 20 July 2019


Happy Moon Landing anniversary!


Keep the loonies on the path

Admire the Full Moon in the middle of summer on the eve of the 50th anniversary of the Moon Landing. A village that has in high probability never been brought in touch with Hash runs is Maria Lanzendorf, south of Vienna along the B11, old route that was the main connection to the motorway in direction of Hungary in the old days, before another connecting motorway, the S1 was opened 12 years ago.

Check the satellite Link! 

The meeting point which was the charming old train station (part of the Aspangbahn route) attracted the most usual suspect Mother Superior, OVH whose car was there already when we (S.Energy and yours truly) started to set the run. We successfully tiptoed our way by, not wanting to have a last minute's Cohare. (Though it must have been years when MS, OVH did set a run of his own. At the start time it was 13 Hashers altogether (with Free Willy inching his way towards OVH-status, only a few more runs to go) and that first part of the run we set leading through old back roads, then hitting the main road shortly, before running a bit on a levee alongside the waters of the Schwechat.

Some more quiet backroads and nice house to watch we got back onto the main road of the B11 for a short bit before taking this run home over the fields and alongside the train tracks (this and the station building would have been a dream come true for Lord Glo-Balls, OVH, Vindobonas Chief Engine Driver). In his absence it was left to Free Willy to chat a charming woman up whose dayshift at the railway station neared its end.

Short circle afterwards conducted by the Full Moon GM, featuring Newbie Just Michael. On-After at the nearby restaurant Toscana. Good food and effective service. 

Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Workin' for the sweat of it

A warm monday evening with a kind of an unusual meeting point. The park and ride area of the Subway/Metro/Underground/Ubahn station Altes Landgut, located in the middle of a large roundabout with various roads leading to and fro a motorway (the A23) and several more main roads that fork off into Viennas vast 10th district. An explanation about the venues history was given by main Hare Primadonna (with CoHare Holy Roamin' Empress, OVH), furthermore the run offered a walkers and a runners trail. More history can be seen here.

Crossing the roundabout at the nearest trafficlight and on up to a few green elevations which offered an impressive view of the very nearby motorway. (History about this road here and there). Three of four turns further on there was no more motorway but some green lawns, garden houses and children playgrounds (and a public school for good measure).

Open up! 

There were kinda strange wooden parts that you wouldn't want to take your dog to (damaged furniture, heavy littering) and after these there was pure green again, and there were not too many checkpoints to be seen. Or maybe I was a tad too slow. A very interesting appartment bloc area came along called Monte Laa, where spacious parts of these appartment buildings were built directly above a tunnel of the motorway A23 that runs underneath. Still further on it was on back over a footbridge across the motorway, leading past the old Ankerbrot Factory, mainstay of Eurohash 2017 in Vienna.
Eventually the trail ended up where we went to a year ago already, which is a closed motorway ramp of the A 23 (the "Gesperrte Ausfahrt Simmering"). Imagine to walk up a hill, get yourselves over the nearest guardrail and watch the evening traffic float by, 250 metres from you. Crown that precious moment with - what? - an Egg liquor stop! Here is another impression of this venue. (We stayed on the other side but these roads lead together)

Watch out! 

No Hashers were harmed in the making of this picture

Partly the same procedure as last year, we entered the area of the Laaerberg with the amusement park Böhmischer Prater where we had a glorious beer stop 12 months ago. Not this time, but thats another story. The trails' last part was set all the way through the vast green forest area of the Böhmische Prater, alongside the recently new built soccer stadium of the club Austria Wien and at long last back to the cars.

Deep within Viennas 10th district

The feature of the circle was with no doubt cold beer in bottles, yet only two boxed were purchased by ze Hares. Sure, there was a certain amount of beer cans but equate 32 thirsty Hashers with the given amount of beer and TICK TOCK could you set your timer until the stuff ran out. Although, we had a funny circle  and two visitors from Eurohash who returned two years later (and another visitor from the Berlin Hash). Also, there was a beer mile organized on Bastille Day by the usual suspects Barefoot and Mr. Pink in the Park of Schönbrunn Castle. All in all, a truly scenic run and very well prepared.

Don't fence me in!

Lots of Moron Pics can be seen here.

The dog track

And the next standard run happened last Monday at the Figurteich where Hashes have been happening for 20 years (I think). Nearly punctual start at quarter to seven with 32 Hashers, it was announced (by me as a Hare) that this would be a slightly shorter run as there was a beerstop coming up in the nice guestgarden of the Bachstube in Mödling. The waitress on duty was friendly but really slow, so we were sitting there for 45 minutes. That was not a bad thing as such, but there was the next OVH induction to happen during the circle.

Consequently, the short way back to the carpark of the Figurteich lasted no longer than 15 minutes and since it was a windy evening and not too hot, the circle was held at the carpark (in big contrast to most previous occasions). A few deserved Down Downs were handed out and then it was time for the induction ceremony for Slush Puppie, here is the unabridged speech.

LGB, CM, BSN, MH, RAd, PDF, MS,HRE, GMdT, MT + Bearer of Heilige Vindobona JS (HVB)
Enter procession with LGB first
Semi circle formed with CM, HVB and Heilige Vindobona in the centre.

CM: We are gathered here to commemorate a historic moment in the annals of Vindobona history. For today we will induct Horst ‘Slush Puppie’ Höllhumer into the order of the Vindobona Hash.
LGB Being of unsound mind and body, the heralded Slush Puppie is now the tenth to have reached the 1000th run plateau. Due to the inflationary number of Hashers reaching OVH status, we will accept just one more candidate after Slush Puppie and we will then shut down the bandwagon for two or three years.
MH It is through his unbending will, determination and stubbornness , his blood, sweat and beers that has enabled him to obtain the heights of this great honour.
( CM will motion to the candidate that he should stand before the members )
CM Slush Puppie you shall now kneel before the members of the OVH for the purification stage.

SP kneels

This question is directed to the throng:
and the despicable throng will answer   IT IS JUST!!!!!!!!!
CM: Candidate , When we give you the sign of the Heilige Vindobona, you shall reply “I swear’
LGB :Do you swear that you have truly not offered Bottles of cold Freistädter Beer to anyone (including me) for the position that has been conferred upon you. Answer  ’I swear’
RAd :Do you swear that you will always maintain creative positions as Franzl (together with Sissi) when the time comes to demonstrate the evolution of the Habsburg love life in the most erotic way to our very divine and pious hash?    Answer  ’I swear’
HRE: Will you continue to present your and HRE's spitting image by continually distribute your sputum from every bridge crossing during a run? Answer ‘I swear’
PDF: Will you encourage your lovely wife to continue her most popular Beer Can Crushing routine ? Answer ‘I swear’.
GmdT, MT Will you furthermore encourage your lovely wife to take up her famous egg crushing routine again, i.e. Crushing hard boiled eggs on innocent Hashers heads by using her impressive mammalian protuberances? Answer ‘I swear’
BSN Do you promise to revive the famous Curling performance you gave us just once many years ago on a winter run by using an old tea kettle and an even older broom? Answer ‘I swear’

MH Will you encourage yourselves (your wife and you that is) to resurrect the legendary Dump your Christmas tree run at least once within the next ten years? Answer ‘I swear’
GmdT, MT Do you swear when the time comes for the next stolen elections at the AGM in November to mix your glorious election cocktail again together with HRE, consisting of at least 15 different hard drinks in one pitcher, all shaken but by no means stirred? Answer ‘I swear’.
RAd Do you swear that you will continue to come up with unusual run locations that have never been used before, thereby bringing much joy to the despicable throng that is surrounding you? Answer ‘I swear’

LGB We are content with the evidence given
CM In the name of the Vindobona hash and the sacred pater pivo, cleanse this candidate of his horrid wanking ways and guide him from his manic depressive drunkeness. Amen.
CM The candidate will forevermore be called PRINCE OF BARKNESS, SLUSH PUPPIE, OVH

The HV is handed to CM by HVB who then taps, right, then left shoulder then rubs head then passes the HV on to the other members of the OVH to do likewise.
After this is done CM says,  PRINCE OF BArKNESS " Arise and receive your articles of office!."
PDF, BSN, HM, HRE assist Prince of Barkness with his clothing of honour
LGB and RAd then help pin on the medal of the OVH.
CM: PRINCE OF BARKNESS  , Go forth and spread the good works of the OVH!
Open bottles of Sekt 
HRE You may now pour Sekt for your favourite Harriette, which means me.
Procession (the newest OVH first, … the first OVH)

The newest member of the Order of the Vinbobona Hash ((VH)

Moron pics can be watched here. All hail the Prince of Barkness! 

Wednesday, 10 July 2019


Impressions from various excursions here and there, as of lately.

Wandering Winos

Ein Flascherl geht noch 

On the way to Christopher Street Day Parade in Vindobona

Hash Cash?

Make your choice! 

From Beirut to Vindobona and back 

Turkish Pils Beer, fine stuff

And, last but by no means least: