Saturday, 4 May 2019

Waiting for the Dawn

The first Monday evening run of this year, as always and traditionally starting off from the wonderful Grüß Di a Gott Wirt (the founding place of the Vindobona Hash in 1982) was a bit overshadowed in the truest sense by heavy clouds, the occasional rainshower and something which I have never seen on this hilltop - Viennas highest elevation point at 542 metres - namely mist.

With Cardinal Munk, OVH still on rehab it was Tickpleaser who came to the rescue, offering his time and car and his Hash catering services plus Casting Couch (volunteered herself to take a bus to its terminal and then walk 40 minutes thru the forest, thereby getting lost and arriving a few minutes late) - danque cheun to you both. Furthermore it was our old friends from the Paris, Saint Cloud and Fontainebleau Hashes Spicy Meat Balls and Roundabout whom we haven't seen in many years. They, as houseguests and great Hashers, gladly assisted as well, so in the end a team of five laid the trail, carried on up the bubbly stuff and prepared the stage for the songstop.

In spite of the weather (thanks RA!) 20 Hares plus us five hounds made their way up the hill to the Hermannskogel with its landmark, the Habsburgerwarte and Spicy Meat Balls and I barely got up and had the prosecco ready when the first runners already arrived.


The Cups were filled and handed out by Holy Roamin' Empress, OVH personally to all arrivals. After toasting to ourselves (37 years of VH3!) it was time for the theme song, a British hit from 1966 that is very likely to be performed on the weekend of our 2000th run again.More of that at the end of this post. After drinking and singing it was on downhill to the circle were visitors were introduced, Beanman (the only remaining survivor of run # 1!) was celebrated and at long last it was time for the nearby OnAfter. Stefan, the owner of the Grüß Di A Gott Wirt always passes on his weekly closing day and opens up just for us. Thanks for that!

One of these two was missing tonight

Hashy Birthday

On After 

Saturday, 27 April 2019

Country Conundrums in Cartesian Coordinates

The great Cultured, a former Hashfriend in Paris used the title of this post for a writeup for one of his stories several decades ago (at the Paris Hash). Still I am happily reusing it for last weeks run which was located quite close to Vindobona and yet Terra Incognita for most of us. Getting out of Neu-Purkersdorf and into the green pastures of Irenental brought along a place called Jausenstation Hoffmann which is located at the end of a valley, with promising paths and forests all around.

Holy Roamin' Empress, OVH and Slush Puppie are amongst the precious few (Kuty Pi being another noteworthy example with her spring run a few weeks ago) to come up with new locations and examples of the wonderful variety that the area around Vienna has to offer. In fact, after finishing this writeup I will take off for a long walk myself, to be accompanied by Hash Hound Just Melios. ;-)

Due to brilliant spring weather more and more Hashers came along, some we haven't seen for a long time (Tonto plus daugher, Finger Me with her sister and a few more, including two visitors from a Washington DC Hash who are currently running in Belgrade). In the end it must have been a crowd close to 40 and off we went into the hills, neatly split into a runners and a walkers trail. Scenic and steep ascents and descents were leading us all the way further uphill, allowing for panoramic photos and scenic views. One highpoint in the truest sense was getting up the Troppberg (542 metres) with a look out platform that went up another 50 winds metres. Again, great views.

The only way was up! 
After panorama came more running and after even more puffing and running it was time for the much anticipated Eierlikör (Eggnig) drinkstoop, a regular on Eastermonday runs. After the Eierlikör was finished and another 20 or so running minutes it was on back to the carpark. The circle ran out of beer quite quickly, so King Ralph came to the rescue by handing out Schnaps DDs in plenty. Official Moron pics can be admired here.

Monday, 15 April 2019

Sneakin' out of here

More pics from recent excursions, the first one was taken by S. Energy (and a comparison was drawn to a Vincent Van Gogh oil canvas by a former friend of the great Fontainebleau Hash House Harriers).

Starry Night 

Double Fun 




One in, one out

After one or several beer mile events in Vindobona (I know of at least two, one is reported about in this blog somewhere) Barefoot and Mr. Pink called for the first local edition of the Bierkistenlauf (Kastenlauf as the German equivalent) where the noble goal is - ideally split in teams of four - to empty the content of an entire beercrate (20 bottles) on your way to the designated finish line. Have a look at this educational video to get an idea of what this is all about.

Two proud contestants on their way 

Starting off from the Würstelstand near Ernst Happel Stadium, a group of twelve stalwarts made a fitting selection of three teams, with a young quartet from the British Isles being the most dedicated, closely being followed by Mr. Pink and Barefoot. Yours truly and Hash Mate Bloodsucker completed the second team, with Walrus, Victorias Secret, Moehar Richard Kopf (OVH) and Just John from the Scottish West Coast constituting the third team.

Pure Dedication

Off it was to run (or walk, but mostly enjoy the beers) on a fine set trail with flower and coloured chalk, soon after the beginning cameth a few obstacles in form of rather steep climbs up and down various rope ladders on deserted children playgrounds, of course all the time carrying beercrates and bottles with you. Bloodsucker and myself took it the easy does it way,  and we reckoned we'd be well on our way when we saw to youngsters team whizzing by quite late on the trail with their beercrate still being more than half full.

Only one left standing! 

At long last (and, to repeat myself, at the end of a fine trail in the midst of heaps of wild garlic) we were nearing the finish line and realized we had come in second, some 10 minutes after the winning team. I'd like to emphasize the neatly drawn finish line right next to our very own Hash House near the Lusthaus. 

In theory these should be twenty bottlecaps each! 

The afternoon was merrily concluded at the Hash House, with more Hash friends coming by, such as Sinex, Multiple Entry, Rowed Runner, TB Saint Norman (OVH) and the Barefoot family. I enjoyed myself a lot. Thanks for the idea and the organization. To be revisited sometimes!

Tuesday, 9 April 2019

One o'clock Jump

Sunday runs in Vindobona always started at 2:30 p.m.; after a vote on changing said starting time forward by 30 minutes to 2 p.m. after the last AGM this custom was and is carved in stone. Or is it not? On a merry cartrip out to the Autokino (former drive in cinema, long closed now) when I picked up KutyPi on the way it dawned on me that - quite innocently during the week - the run start had been moved one hour forward to 1 p.m. due to "family commitments". Fair enough we thought, we were interested to see if we were the only dumb ones or whether other members of the World's Worst would also have been negligent in (not) having read the Hash Schedule?

Well, what can I say? Shortly after arrival it was Root CAnal and Free Willie arriving, plus King Ralph who was a latecomer as well. A deserved backslap to the Hares Tickpleaser (found two ticks on himself the next day) and Prof. DDr. Felch, OVH for leaving clear marks all along the way. The Lobau, area of that run and referred to as Viennas jungle is a wonderful place to run, walk, bike, swim and the like. In comparing this run to previous experiences I noticed that lenghty parts of the trail were set along broad, long and straight walkways, with the occasional thicket added for good measure.

Given the new more or less non-existing running speed of most I was not really surprised that even with a one hour delay we could manage to catch up with the walkers some time before reaching the carpark again. Guest runner Daffodildo, RA of the Cardiff H3 did a jolly rendition of an old Monty Python classic and handed out some Down Downs in style. Plus, she took a swim in her full running dress. Impressive!

Sunday, 31 March 2019

Swing into Spring

It might as well be spring. The signs are all visible, the trees start blossoming and Hashers start wearing shorts and shades again (Winston Leg-Thigh is still on the loose). Hare Kuty-Pi chose Wolkersdorf, a town northeast of Vindobona as location (not really unknown territory since a maker of fine wines has his business only a few more kilometres further on) and upon arrival the sheer size of the park and ride area next to the Trainstation struck me, easily five times as big as the one in Mödling.

A fine pack of more than 25 assembled, explanations were given and it was on off towards habitated area. Chocolate Wafers are a popular local dessert, and I learned after the start that they are produced in a factory not far from the trainstation. After the first kilometre or two the scenery changed, from houses first to running alongside the waterway and further on into the vineyards. Back in the 1970s and probably also in the 1980s the wine produced in this area was referred to as "Brünnerstraßler", meaning wine of inferior quality. (the Brünnerstrasse having being a main road connecting all these villages with Vienna, now there is a motorway for the faster ones). Now all this has changed for the much better and the views we got from running a bit further uphill and into the green were rewarding and scenic.

Cherry Alley 

In terms of participants, Gunner Cum, one third of the once infamous Sparerib brothers made a surprising return after many years of absence, accompanied by also former Harriette and (his) wife Pacemaker plus their two kids. Cherry Liker came back as well, accompanied by her High Speed Dog plus a few bottles of Freistädter Beer. A newbie from Down Under who cited Geneva as her Mother Hash started her running career with the Worlds Worst Hash (and I apologize for not remembering her Hash Name). Relatively Newbie Just Teresa (started with the World Worst in February) made her return, still running fast.

Running further on this neatly set trail, with fine distiniguish between walkers and runners (and even Hash Kids bikes) the highest point of the trail came up (and the locals even dared to write the "altitude" of 242 m on the "summit cross") and again it was phototime.

Holy Mother, can't keep from crying! 

Still further on through runner friendly terrain to a short songstop and the final three (?) k of a run of decent length again (10 k or more).  My compliments to the Hare for having us (or at least me) surprised with various panoramic views and the hidden beauty of an area that is relatively unknown to me. 5 star run rating from my side.

Sing Sing Sing

Sunday, 24 March 2019

Do your thing...

... because this is the basic ingredient of each and any Hashrun, if garnished with a mirthful attittude of those attending, then all the better. That full moon Run that I was invited to Co-Hare by Slush Puppie signified the 3rd occasion (actually run # 2,5) of our local equidistance runs, the first such run was set in 2004 and the second one in 2014.  Run # 3 in the World's Worst equidistance series won't happen before March 2024. The reason? Come along and find out for yourselves. It has something to do with Hashy Birthdays.

Thumbs up 
My personal idea about the length of a Full Moon Hash (F & M run) is that it shouldn't be as long as a regular Hash run. In that respect we the Hares took off from Mödling trainstation for a medium run and walk through the quieter backroads of Mödling, we did pass by a closed Heurigen (with the owner of that place I used to play in a local soccer team nearly 40 years ago). NBS - No Beer Stop sign in front of that Establishment.

There you have it 

The last part back to the cars was some more quit backroads with residential homes and little traffic, the way on back to the cars eventually was leading alongside the Mödlingbach. Short circle and great On After at a nearby Gasthaus, much to be recommended. Besides, LGB (OVH) pointed out that this Full Moon Date was a special one.


Go Celts!