Monday 26 September 2011

Home away from Home

And that's exactly what the Hash House in the Prater is to our drinking club with the obvious problem. Finger Me and Hashflash Media Moron #1 My Pint of View carried out a run in very well known territory in the backwoods of the Prater, not far from the Lusthaus and of course the Gösser Bierinsel om June the 6th.

Here, there and everywhere

That part of the Prater has been so well covered with Hash runs in the Past that it is a bit tricky to come up with anything worth reporting, apart from there were no horses this time and thank you RA, no rain even.
The main reat of the evening came at the On In where we had the pleasure to sit outside in that marverllous garden. And I think that I thoroughly enjoyed a Wurstsalal.

No more mickey

Make up your mind and try out the Gösser Bierinsel yourselves.

On Out.

Friday 16 September 2011

Short and Sweet

Moosehead, a man of many talents and already a blast of our Hashing past herei Vienna  (remember his famous Punsch runs in past December months!) came back out of his hiding and with girlfriend and dogs invited the Hash for a short run spiced up with two beet stops, one in the garden of his trailerhome in Möllersdorf and the second one in another cute garden a bit further up the road in Guntramsdorf.  The track was not much to write home about but the beers were cool which - let's emphasize this again - is THE asset in the spring and summertime.

A typcial Vindobona Hash beerstop

Slightly Altered

Hash Blog is reborn
This won't be the last posting
I'm more than certain

(Sort of an optimistic Haiku)

That's what it's all about

The Beatles aren't here

But who needs the Beatles when you can have the Vindobonian real thing? I am talking about none other than the Great and Glorious Lord Glo Balls (OVH) who, on May the 23rd, made us return to the site of the pinnacle in his local Hashing career. Lovely weather, even the trail was halfway decent (not clockwise or anticlockwise like in Probstdorf, heh heh) and the crowd were in fine form. And, thank you RA, the weather was sunny. Alongside some backwaters of the Lobau and then WAY over fields of con and goldit took quite a while to find the way out of this field and forest maze.

And yes, old Joystick enjoyed a New Shoe Tea Bag the tradtional Hashers way.

On Out.

Out for lunch?

Well, most likely. The time has come to end my silence and I will try to come up again with wot's hot and wot's not at the Vindobona Hash. How about this for a pastime next summer? But please, no Bike Hashes!

Dutch courage

What more can you ask for from a bright and sunny day than to be forced to run from a carpark that lies right next to a very busy motorway? Flying Dutchman the Great ordered us all on over to the Brigittenauer Brücke carpark on May the 16th and then it was on off across the Bridge into the far and wirde luckily further on into the back end of the Donaupark. It was left to none other that Mr. Smile G-String to provide the energetic spark that would eventually lead the pack over to the Obere Alte Donau and then back into the maze of backroads that would carry everyone back to the carpark.

Having a barbeque at the Donauinsel (next to the carpark) is very popular and one is advised to reserve once such grillplace in advance as they are quite popular. Though that area is also supposed to be free of traffic, Pino the Frog drove up the Dutchmans Family car to the site, wanting to unload the beer and other commodities. He escaped from being fined by the ever friendly police men solely as he apparently had just gotten his drivers license. Or so. "Let this be a warning to you, son". Unquote.
And the rest was beer.

On Out.

Hsah Dinner