Friday, 11 November 2016

The Frost is All Over

What about the frost? The temperatures in the Vienna area seemingly getting more mediterranean over the years and it is not unlikely that I could set an olive tree and an oleander into my garden and out from the pot.

A few days after the glorious St.Patricks Day(and Schweizerhaus opening day of course!) - you have guessed it that run covered here happened on March 20th - Hares Lopsided Backside and Beanman (survivor of Run # Uno in Vindobona in 1982 and a) still around and b) fit like a youngster) made us start near the Narrenturm in the Altes AKH in the 9th district, home of such establishments like the Stiegl Ambulanz or the Gangl Bierheurigen. You name them. Lovely surroundings. And difficult parking.

Painted all green on the inside!

A place well worth mentioning nearby is the Lane and Merriman's Pub in Spitalgasse, outside the Altes AKH where our great Host David threw many a merry St. Patricks private party for, well, a few. One can't say that this run lasted too long, after getting out of the area, on over the Ringstraße the Molly Darcy's Pub was the place of a long beerstop.

Bier her, oder wir falln um!
Some 20 more minutes after the Beerstop and this short run was already finished, with Irish Whiskey, Chips and Salsa. It was also naming time for Smoking Penis, alas no decent pics to document this historic moment.


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