Monday, 7 November 2016

Far from here

AGM Day is always something special, although in a different sense it is pretty much the same every year. I remember AGM days in the middle and late 1990s were held somehwere along Sieveringer Strasse, presumably being preceded by runs up the Cobenzl somewhere. There was even one AGM at a Heurigen in Perchtoldsdorf (my fault, I know) and after one or two such meetings at the former Gasthaus zur Reichsbrücke we successfully managed to institutionalize this event at the wonderful Gösser Bierinsel behind the Lusthaus in the Prater. Tradition also has it that the Hares are always GM + RA, perhaps the only occasion during the Hashing year that Richard Kopf will set a run voluntarily.

Frau Eva, our host for 14 years and her chef Jindra (Big Ben) are gone into their well-deserved reitrements, yet Herr Josef (Bier Herr) and the better part of the staff are still there and they were much delighted to see us again. Take into account that this place has been built/opened sometime in the late 19th century, there are simply not too many of these old-fashioned places around here any more.

The weather looked grimy with some decent rainfall so those who did not precede the run with a warm up beer inside the Gasthaus had been hiding within a small something that looked like a bus stop to me (Linie 77A). It was surprising to see Likk'mm around, a newbie called Lucky Me and the usual 25 or so AGM attendees (could have been more than that). In the rain Hares Multiple Entry and Richard Kopf decided to take the way alongside the Lusthauswasser and OnOnto a Ballantines Stop near the water, much welcomed by all. OnOn across the Aspernallee and a bit nearer towards the Prater Hauptallee. After a short swing across that main trafficless road it was straight on back to the carpark.

Me likeeeeey!!

No special happenings during the circle, yet at the AGM Casting Couch tried to get voted in as new GM, yet lost by a mere four votes to confirmed incumbent Multiüle Entry ("I promise more simplicity in the year to come!"), still CC get rewarded with the post og Vice GM. The usual other business with endless elections followed. Same procedure.Yet the Vindobona Hash will be hosting Eurohash next year. A very special occasion. Lots to write about in the weeks and months to come.

Assorted Moron Pics will be added when they're available. (They are now available).

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