Saturday 29 October 2016

My very good Friend the Milkman

Second and a bit belated post scriptum to the Full Moon Run Men's Room at the OnIn from Friday last week. Having enjoyed my last beer of the season in the Schweizerhaus (liquid lunchbreak) I was strolling over to the nice Pratermuseum behind the Riesenrad and this is what was pinned on the toilet wall:

You sure can find a auitable translation for this somewhere

I can add the old and icelandic question: Hvar er Snyrtingin?


Wednesday 26 October 2016

Urgent Needs

A short post scriptum to the OnIn after last weeks Full Moon run in Viennas 23rd district at a place called Mimis Stüberl:

Let's go, chaps! 

This image met the strangers eye on the men's toilet, a banner the place's owners must have taken home from their last visit to a nearby soccer ground. Which of course prompted yours truly's imagination to search for the 23 strangest toilets in the world. If you had to make an urgent phone call on your way back to the carpark during the run and your mobile phone would haven been left in your car the nearest phonebooth you could find would have looked like this:

You know my name, look up the number

As in most cases, here is some fitting music :

Sunday 23 October 2016

How the Web was Woven

Well that header has got absolutlely nothing to do with to-days run. A first-time Co Haring duty with 2Bob resulted in Casting Couch, Fallen Angel and Just Dodo with Pooch Lucky all being Co-Hares too. The running area was quickly being indentified with starting off from not-too-far from our house near the Restaurant Oase. Have you ever heard of Schwedenbomben?

Wenn schon Bomben, dann Schwedenbomben!

Those kind of cream filled things surrounded by Chocolate are and have always been a favourite for, well, everybody. It happens to be that the Schwedenbomben production line has been moved to Wiener Neudorf a while ago and you can obtain a pack of 50 "second choice" for 8 Euros which makes them even more popular amongst work colleagues, Hashers and everyone else that you can possibly think of. The run started off with a crowd of 20+ moving past the Schwedenbomben shop all along to Guntramsdorf where the Hares had high hopes to come up with a drink stop at a Sturmstand in the vicinity but alas this time it was doors-shut policy. No explanations were given even though those stalls (Sturm is the non fermented wine) usually stay open until October 26.


At long last it was on back via Neu-Guntramsdorf, the far end of the Figurteich, which has always been the venue for a run with swimming afterwards for the last 15 years and all the way back to the carpark. 

There happened to be a naming of Just Maria, Vet a la bonheur and due to several Harriettes insistence she was named O Sodomia (?).  Any corrections in spelling are most apprectiated.

Naming accomplished!
Tasty on after at the Restaurant Oase.

And, remembering to-days historical significance with this clip:

Saturday 22 October 2016

Drown in Pale Light

Attending Full Moon runs together with my beloved wife is more of an exception than the rule. Nearly six years after the first such run (look up the old Blog Post from 2010) Sex Energy and Casting Couch chose to start a Full Moon run again in Alt-Erlaa, somewhere in Viennas 23rd district.
A favourable conincidence had it that I was invited to help the Hares to lay a few False Trails along the trail which included a few nice stretches alongside the Liesingbach, then passing by the local Chocolate Museum and further onto a few backroads befiore - remember that a Vindobona Full Moon Trail is supposed to be a lil' shorter than a trail on a normal run - getting back near the starting point again.

With starting time approaching there were but five in total (Hares and Hounds) though by quarter past seven (p.m.of course) a merry round of 20 teamed up. Visitor Katoyboy form Bucharest H3 and Pussy Galore bringing along his family were the main human attractions. I was a bit surprised that presumably due to unpaid electricity bills some street lanterns remained unlit, especially around the pastures of green near the Liesingbach. Nothing wrong although to run a stretch in complete darkness.
Eventually St. Norman (OVH) conducted the circle, and, as was to be expected, a long On After again at Mimis Stüberl rounded the evening off.
On Out


Eurohash 2017

The clock is ticking, several hundred regos have been made and, as an innocent bystander and an occasional sel-volunteered Hare for this monstruos undertaking I feel it is the right time to point out your regarded attention to 11 hidden wonders in Vienna. At least three of these attractions have seen Hash runs happening in their vicinity.

Quite a few more suggestions for your up and cumming visit to our nations capital (here is part 1 of the list, ahem) and, finally two more weeks to go until the annual AGM at our very own and beloved Hash House in the Prater.

Since one the places mentioned above is the Imperial Crypt, it should be fitting to include an anthem by Bobby Pickett and The Crypt Kickers.  Dance along!

Wednesday 19 October 2016


A short little break for liquid lunch should always be feasible, best in a local serious beer drinking place. While there I took the opportunity to acquire a very nice book about this place's history, price is a mere ten Euro. Wonderful stuff indeed.

Liquid Lunchbreak

Springtime in 2015, whenever there's Spinach on the menu it is fantastic 

This certainly looks a bit fresh to me. Watch for yourselves.

Sunday 16 October 2016

The Essential

The Vindobona Hash got started in April 1982, something of an old Chestnut for you readers. Around the same time I bought my copy of Frank Zappas 200 motels, a piece that had been released in 1971 and for years to come I had no clue about "Hashing" or what "Harriers" were. Yet what mesmerized me instantly when I listened to that double record (what is a double record?) for the first few times and what still fascinates me 34 years later amongst lots of other cool stuff is the humorous absurdity that is encapsulated in the piece "Dental Hygiene Dilemma". Years ago when the former Rehash format which I used to write for this group became outdated somehow it was Lord Glo-Balls (OVH) who encouraged me to start a Blogsite for our Hash.


Back then I put a lot of thought into the overall topic of this blog and which connection it could have with non Hashing themes. Just about the only fitting title I could think was "What can I say about this elixir?" which is a central line in the piece "Dental Hygiene Dilemma". So, here I am, giving it another fresh start and I am happy to have found a fitting description about the musical piece, bad teeth, a bit of Frank Zappa and if you cannot understand how all this is linked with Hash House Harriers demeanour well then at least I can. The general looseness, the fun and the spontaneity in both forms, entertainment and inebriated staggering through common and not so common surroundings fits together just fine.

Read the article and then watch the video. To be recommended.

Red Dress run in 2015


So, after an extended Sunday afternoon nap that lasted a mere 10 months here is my recollection of last years Red Dress run, which as always was once around the Vienna Ringstrasse. Trawling through My Pints Hash Photosite I seem to remember that that day was a bit nippy, some Red Dresses looked a bit shabby already and, as far as the run was concerned, we are going slower every year.

A feast of friends

 Yet the ritual of getting rid of the old Hashing year and be ready to welcome the up and kumming new one makes this event special, embellished with the joy of seeing old friends and former Vinodobona Hashers again, such as Dazed and Confused and Dodgy Condom. It remains to be seen whether the impending Red Dress Run in 10 weeks will see this group in a more presentable state albeit I think that is not going to be the case. Anyhow, the river flows to the sea and so will these blogposts again.

What if they haven't got duck?  Well If they haven't got duck you're rather stuck.