Sunday 1 July 2018

Yet another Golden Great

is the annual run chez No Mercy Mistress in the 22nd district, way across the Danube river in the Hirschstetten area. Just Ruben (according to our who is also his mother the only Hasher remaining unnamed in more than 20 years) lay a trail out into the green areas neat the A 23 motorway (yes, this is very possible) and which in one way or another always seemed to touch the Hirschstettner Badeteich. After the experience of many years we all know to come here for a bit of light jogging,  as well as the swimming pool and the Barbecue afterwards.

Since the soccer World Cup is in full swing public viewing was also offered and thankfully taken by LGB, OVH, after all it was an England game on that evening. Many thanks for the hosts ever generous Hospitality.

Badeteich Hirschstetten

After the run, before the swim

Limited pudlic viewing 

Industrious and underway

On Monday June 11th S. Energy decided to host a run in Himberg, a town southeast of Vienna.  I had the pleasure to be the CoHare and after two reccies of the area we came up with a run length of 50 minutes which started right outside the local train station building and, after a short whole of admiring local shops and houses there were vast fields of green all around. And high temperatures, of course. S. Energy clevery improvised by coming up with a shortcut (walkers trail) leading along the local waterway called the Neubach. The bigger part of the pack decided to take the longer way out in the fields and the heat, and after a sharp right turn that was leading along a boundary ridge all were reunited again to tackle the last part of the trail. A well kept gothic church along the way and crossing over the Neubach again with some green spots were the visual highs and, after the circle, the OnIn had been reserved at the Gasthaus Steyrerhof. The pleasant surprise was that after initial service was performed in snails tempo, the hosts were knocking out the menus real fast. Well done and a recommendation for further visits, whenever.

P.S. My apologies to those who arrived on the train and found us gone. The delay in public transport has not been our fault. Since everyone turned up during the course of the run the flour marks must have been clear to follow.

Septic Yank not playing it cheap in the Gasthaus! 

Our pounding farter

Run theme was the departure of Wayne Fecksky and Just Debbie (who may habe received a Hash name which I forgot). The location was the oft used corner of Zelinkagasse around the corner of the U2 stop Schottentor. The special feature of the run was the re-appearance of one of the two founders of the Vindobona Hash in 1982, look here for the mention on the VH3 History page.

The run itself was another one of those all too common walking trips down and up the Donaukanal again. It should be considered to entrust a two-wheeled coolwagon to a good accompanying soul to distribute cold refreshments during exercise. A highpoint of some sorts came up at Gaußpatz in the 20th district in form of a beerstop at a newly opened sort-of supermarket. From there onwards it was OnOn through some more parts of the 20th as well as the 2nd district and eventually back to the start. Just Lan, the aforementioned founder of the World's Worst came along to the carpark and for those who knew him from way back (LGB and Cardinal Munk both OVH) it as the first encounter in person after more than 30 years.

Just Lan had been named after the circle in a small and private subcircle since, according to local Hash History, there were no Hash names used in the early days. To honor just Lan for his deeds and as an hommage to what he and Just Hans, the other founder of the VH3 had started, Just Lan from now on will be known as OUR POUNDING FARTER.  Thanks for everything and farewell to Wayne Fecksky and Just Debbie.

A well known person and OUR POUNDING FARTER.

But of course they are - WE ALL are foreigners !

Why don't you give me a call? 

Mind the Gap! 

The Southern Part

or the part south of Vindobona which comprises the Thermenregion and the Wienerwald, area of high living quality and a countless variety of Hash trails, was used by a quartet consisting of Casting Couch, S. Energy, Kuty Pi and yours truly for a run through the vineyards and up the local hill with its own microclimate, the Eichkogel.

I remember the day (Whit Monday) as a sunny and warm one, therefore we had a songstop on an elevation and a picturesque way back down towards the Windradlteich with the circle being held nearby. OnIn at the local Heurigen Baitschev with a remarkable buffet and even beer (which is not a certainty in wine places).