Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Walk with me

Ah, the Ski Week Solidarity run, by tradition (and one sure can invent new traditions as considered necessary) set and starting on the same date and time as the Ski Week Hash if only to Prevent Matter over Mind, a non-skiing regular on Skiweeks, from travelling back in time to Vienna to get an extra run credit.

Apart from one single year where Ice Queen and Slush Puppie have tried something completely different all the way out in Mauerbach it was mainly me and Cardinal Munk, OVH, coming up with live runs, with startpoints alternating between the Karlskirche and the Votivkirche.

Apart from previous years when I - being a lone Hare .- trusted the "Free Form fornat" without any reccie or plan for the run this time my Regarded Co-Hare arrived with a Big piece of paper fully scribbled on. That was his detailed plan for that enterprise, including more or less any sight and landmark of several inner-city districts. What the heck I thought, then I'd just carry the flour and next year will be my turn again. After what seemed a bit too long in terms of duration (80 minutes) we two arrived at the Schwarzenbergplatz and the consecutive wait for the Hounds felt like a drought within the deep blue sea. The beer provided was warm Ottakringer. Although beggars can't be choosers.

At long last Slush Puppie, Lord Glo-Balls OVH, I think I remember Pussy Schumi and three or four others arrived to help celebrate the 16th edition of this supportive run. OnAfter at Herlitschka. Remember the Bond movie "The Living Daylights?" Parts of it was filmed in Vienna and in one particular scene Sir James is driving his vehicle past Herlitschka.


On Out until next year. 

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