Friday, 29 November 2019



it is still Novembre as I am writing this and as usual, Holy Roamin' Empress and Prince of Barkness, both OVH again came up with a location that differed from most other places we used to run as one simply can't get much further to the southeastern Vindobona City Limit than was the case here.

On the farthest end of Favoriten, Viennas 10th and vast district, the Gasthaus Brückenwirt sits right next to a bridge crossing the Liesingbach and this is where this run started, equipped with runners and partly walkers trails. 10 minutes into the run the Hares reinvented a great tradition that I had completely forgotten about, which is the presentation of the Beaujolais Nouveau. They wisely bought two bottles which were consumed at the speed of light and brought back fond memories of days long gone spent in France.

Ca veut dire quoi?

Embellishing the trail with a walk between a deserted childrens playground and a backroad that seemed to lead nowhere, the huge switchyard Kledering and its numerous locomotives could be admired from afar; one does not get to see these things everyday.

Here comes Ivor, the dirty Engine driver to make you feel alright

Where is number four?

A different view 

After the train view it was on off into the fields, for quite some and again splint into runners and walkers paths. On In to the carpark followed soon thereafter. A fine run at the end of November, with full steam ahead to the Festive Season.

Open ze Gate! 

We watch in AW

Hashy Birthday Court Jester, OVH 

Here are the Moron Pics! 

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