Monday, 21 November 2016

Gott certainly erhalte

There could not have been a more fitting run number which is 1867 to the classic run that King Ralph presented in the 14th district, at Wien-Hadersdorf. Why the fitting run number you ask? Read about the Austria-Hungarian compromise (Ausgleich) in that very year. Today is the centennial passing day of the Emperor Franz Joseph. Here is a very interesting article that characterises the man a bit.

One was reminded of days of long ago at the World's Worst when the King used the set real killer runs that would lead extremly steep up and/or extremly steep down and/or through abhorrent amounts of underwood/brambles and the likes. Setting out into the Augustinerwald at the western edge of Vienna with neighbouring villages Purkersdorf and Mauerbach nearby we were told that "you know, ve have valkers and runners bits and zey split from time to time so you can make up your own run". The brave amongst us, counting in Squeeze Box Mama, Joystick, Mr. Pink and some more left the concrete roads straight onto the ankle-deep mud and shiggy (only in parts in all fairness) forest paths that were leading a long way out to an area where the Morons once set another challenging run of their own, all the way up a VERY STEEP HILL. (Quote from the Hare:" You know I vanted to go all the vay up zat hill but then I thought this vould be too long.") Well, thanks for that.

I assume the other brave part of the pack i.e. the walkers had equal fun on their part of the trail until we all happily convened for a short song stop. After this it was on back on the other side of the main road (Mauerbachstraße) and onto some more muddy forest paths, eventually back on footpaths and passing by Schloß Laudon on the right until the carpark came in sight again. The circle featured an extensive ceremony which was conducted by Cardinal Munk, OVH. Six Coffin Bearers carried a dead corpse which was covered by the Imperial Flag and was carefully laid down on the ground. The Cardinal then held a moving speech (which will be posted here maybe tomorrow, together with an old writeup about a former King Ralph run) and then cameth the ressurection of - MOM (nowadays Ersatzkaiser).

Moronic Pics will be added when they are available (they are now available).


Returnee of the day was certainly Boom Boom Pecker who brought the sad news that one of the first VH3 Hash Hounds Otto von Pissmarck passed away at the age of 18. The same was reported of Hash Hound Gangster, Boxer a la bonheur of Swedish Origin. Rest in Peace, fellas. I herewith raise my beer in your honour.

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