Friday 27 March 2020

Going viral

It is the end of week Nr. 2 in introspection, empty trains and empty subways on my way to work.  Basic needs as housing, getting food and drink (and enough toilet paper) are of the essence, staying halfway halfminded, safe and healthy is a must on our collective way back to Hashing. And, to remain curious. I can't help but taking pics during various walks all around. Here are some of them.

This beer sure needs some tasting

Someone's in love with her or his car 


The menu after the virus 

When will this mess be over?

No Hashers were harmed in the making of this pic

Last time around

On March 15 the Schweizerhaus, Viennas leading beergarden is supposed to open, accompanied by oompah music, countless beers and Hashers in the midst of the fun. For obvious reasons this event had to be postponed. The Ostrich government declared extensive restrictions that deeply affect everyones daily life and, within shortly, it was decided to cancel to-days Hash and suspend Hash activities for the time being.

There was a meeting of Hashers somewhere in the Prater, with a bit of running, drinking and a seemingly funny On-After.

See here for the Moron pics.

Something seems not right here 

There are no obstacles in my way 

Before the big mess

One of the last outings of the Worlds Worst Hash before the start of global mess was the 20th edition of the Ski Week Solidarity Hash, a run that in front of the Votivkirche. Since there were no Hash mobiles around (but one later on after the run), drinks were generously provided by Squeeze Box Mama, Walrus (who carried the precious stuff) and Primadonna (who arrived after the run with plenty of drinks and crisps). Muchas gracias.

The run itself was a casual affair, with the trail leading towards the Donaukanal and back into the city centre after a bit, where there was a beer stop waiting in front of the Alte Börse building, with cold drinks provided by Mr.Pink. Merci Bien!

Pic was taken by No Balls Prize with his new and flashy Camera 

Remember that "it ain't fair to be excluded from a run just cos you ain't gone skiing" (Copyright Prof. DDr.Felch, OVH). As I have no information whether the Vindobona Skiweek will continue next year (and if so, in what form), this may or may not have been the last Ski Week Solidarity Hash (Name devised by Lonesome Cowboy 20 years ago).

On After was held at wonderful Bierheuriger Gangl in the AKH where we were the only guests.  

Reopening date comes closer, day by day 

Sunday 8 March 2020

Difficult to cure

In times of strange and threatening viruses one can partly rely on a remedy, a magic potion that also keeps the Hash going.

At a nice Tex-Mex place in Viennas 4th district, to be recommended 

Casting Couch and 2Bob called for a run in an unknown area, though only 35k away from my domicile, which was totally unknown to me. Forests, lone houses, and stables were all around (but no network connection for my mobile phone).

Located only a few kilometres behind the lovely Helenental where Sperminator and after him Deodorant have set several classic runs, the village (?) of Rohrbach/Zobelhof is a place I have never heard of. Meeting place was on a hilltop. Anyhow, 20+ runners came along, a rather unclear Chalk Talk revealed that there were runners and walkers trails, leading in different directions. A bunch of more than 10 took the walkers way that was leading dowmhill for quite a while and, memorising many a worthy run that St. Norman, OVH together with El Nino and King Ralph on his part have set in former years, a short but steep climb up a hill followed.

After 25 more minutes of creepy crawling through thick woods (party muddy) it was back to stables, fields and farmhouses and to the carpark eventually. The songstop was placed high up another elevation, nice views included. It took the runners only a couple of minutes longer to catch up.

This could equal a Free Willie joke (now the Court Jester, OVH)

Regarding the liquids for the circle, well, plenty of Corona Beer saved the day. The Hare's capabilities to come up with a completely new location is in part what Hashing is all about. Get to know the area around you, while enjoying a few beers.

Here are the official Moron Pics.

Sunday 1 March 2020

Like the supper, it is cooking in your hometown

The old faithful run starting off from Arenbergpark in Viennas 3rd district has happened many times before andwas most of the time succeeded by great On After at the Hare's home, with steaming pots of Chili and plenty of booze. Going even further back into local Hash History, there were legendary Cinco de Mayo parties, in alternating places (Beanmans place and the former Squeeze Box Mama residence). Runners trail Hare of the day was Vice GM Walrus who came up with a few nice stretches along the trail.

Not the average Vindobona Hasher 

City Wilderness 

Chalk marks were made (though they were not always clearly visible) and, leaving aside the city scenery for a short while, the Stadtwildnis, a stretch of green, bushes, small trees and many deserted dog houses could be admired before we reached the back of the Marxer Halle, a building plot where a new concert hall that fits 20.000 is going to be built over the next few years.

Drop your droppings 

Let's roll another one?

The shorter way back to the start alongside the Rennweg was unspectacular, yet that CBD dispenser looked promising. On a real windy winters day and in the absence of those who went to the Zagreb
H3 winter event and the others who went to partake in another Brno Hash extravaganza, there were still 20 Hashers there to witness the presentation of a gift that King Ralph received from his parents in law, which was a Wodkafilled Kalashnikov gun (made of plastic of course).  

Hand and cup up, stranger! 

After the circle, it was on for a tasty pot of Chili and loads more to drink. Well done.

Here are the Moron pics, provided by Horsedick, the latest in a series of local Morons.

15 Minute intermisison

A friendly hint in my local brewery

Is that love?

Here's to you kid

Hot Whine

So the announcement read something like "come one, come all, there'll be Glühwein (Hot Wine) for everybody afterwards. These wise words were announced by the same man who - at the same location - announced a beer stop during a run in the summer on one fine day, in the heat of course.

By now you guessed it right, of course there was no Hot Wine, or in other words, as much hot wine after the run as there was on the virtual beer stop during that summer run. Thumbs down for Prof. DDr. Felch, OVH.  On the other hand, a regular number of 25+ cameth to the Duckville run in the winter (which was split into runners and walkers parts, seems to come into fashion these days) and off we went, with the late arrival of The Blessed Saint Norman, OVH (whose birthday it was on that day) and on alongside the banks of the Donauinsel.

A promise for later 

There was much much wind, the occasional Hash View and, after a bit, a turn to left into habitated land again.

Beauty lies in flower equations 

The occasional Hashview

I somehow noticed that the runners went missing (there were many runners and much less runners) and, somehow the surrounding scenery turned into some Wizard of Oz dub-like stage image as you can tell by the next few images :-

After this walk/run that was encompassed by a series of strange and fairy like images, the circle was performed in a rather old-fashioned manner, with our infamous pal LIKMM making yet another appearance at the World's Worst, with the upcoming Zagreb H3 winter event pending.  A fine and not too long trail, with plenty of GOOD booze afterwards. Obrigado! 

Moving in or moving out?

The youth and the former youth of Vindobona 

He's only human (after all)