Tuesday 11 August 2015


So we just returned from a glorious week of holiday near Murau in Styria. Yes they do have their own Brewery down there, amongst other stuff they produce Weißbier, Hopfengold and Pils, in addition to their already tasty Märzen Beer that all the partygoers to Pussy Galore's Alpine Experience consumed just 80 kms and one Mountan crossing away in Radstadt.

Fun was had by all in Radstadt

They have their own little Badeanlage in Murau which is a pond with a refreshing 21 degrees temperature, nicely neighboured by two skijumps. Fallen Angel was taking her first trail rides, to her great joy the longest one lasted 4 hours and was coronated by a picknick near an alpine cabin. Murau might be worth a Hash Weekend in 3 three years time after all the razzle-dazzle with Eurohash in Vindobona in 2017.

It is not possible to cover every run - and there were very many runs over the past few weeks! - and this has never been the overall intention anyway. Yet, congrats and compliments first and foremost to Pussy Galore and his helpers and also to all the unmentioned Hares who keep coming up with runs of their own.

Have I mentioned the Heatwave? I think I did. After last years slightly miserable summer months in terms of weather in and around Vienna this year is the complete opposite with temperatues constantly in the thirty + degree celsius rate and I am noticing that the nearby ponds are starting to smell a bit.

Castting Couch and Kunt Tell Ya did set a run at the Goldene Stiege in Mödling, where the forest was already drier than a huge bottle of Martini. The Hares idea seemed to avoid the often used trails and start with a long loop away from the carpark that in no time was followed by a VERY STEEP ascent into the forest. "It's not a very long run, we only needed 50 minutes to set this" (Quote Hare). Inside the forest and runing alongside the magnificent Hashview the overall trailsetting concept seemed lost to me, especially when both Hares got lost on their own trail "But I KNOW FOR SURE that there were marks here before!" A short swing on over the Anningerstraße and back in along the out trail concluded this, suitably followed by the OnIn at the nearby Gasthaus Bockerl.