Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Walk Right In, Walk Right Out

This is the first of a bunch of writeups trying to cover some ground on what has happened chez le World's Worst  in 2016. A pretty symbolic one happened in the middle of February in Gaaden opposite the local cemetery with Casting Couch and 2Bob setting the trail, a cemetery being the place where most Hashers will end up in all probability. (I am not writing this on All Saints Day for nothing).

Taking off into the nearby and wide-stretching forest area one could mainly see copious amounts of mud and some late winter scenery, alas without any snow. Given the ongoing climate change it may happen on one fine day that the Donauinsel shoreline will see the same beach buzz as, for instance, Queenslands Gold Coast? Would that alone be enough to lure the Sex-O-Phone family back to the Ostriches? Not even barely taking into consideration Mindphuck and all those other Vindobona Alumni, Minuteman et al? Before contuining this saga I will raise the following beer in your honour, extending my very best regards to all of you:

Greetings from the World's Worst Hash!

Way to go. After the usual amount of ups and downs there was this huge Villa somewhere in the middle of that forest, place of a biannual event of offroad enthusiasts and belonging to a family of importance. Some sort of law enforcement community means of transport could also be gazed at sometimes during the run.

Probably not suitable for chasing the Blues Brothers!

During the circle there a naming took place, this time of Just Mia and the Hashname that was awarded to her I can't recall anymore. Maybe someone could help me with this one? Tickpleaser?

We'll do it gentlemanly

Talking about gentlemen, OnOut.


  1. One day my friend, and i look forward to it! Stay well. SOP and family