Tuesday 14 June 2011

The Moment of Clarity

Another corner of lovely Vienna that houses good Heurigens and great scenery is Strebersdorf, out there across the Danube and on the way to Korneuburg. Being a much preferred area by our dearly beloved GrandMeister St.Norman, that area on bottom of the Bisamberg saw many a run that either had a large loop to the right or to the left leading all the way up to the hilltop.

To-nites trail on May 9 took a left turn after the start, leaving behind the local cemetery and not long after did the uphill campaign start and that also include the sly use of a regular false trail (well done Hares!) which eventually ended at a very well known Checkpoint in the middle of the vineyards and that also gave way to a familiar look. And, it was pleasant to see Returnee Squeeze Box Mama.

There it is!

By the way, orientation has become a lot more complex around the area since the Powers that be (neither LGB nor St.Norman) took away the famed Sender am Bisamberg. Anyhow. Not intruding into another well known running area on top of the Bisamberg (runs that start from the other side at the Elisabethhöhe) the trail ran back along the local Kellergassen and to the car park eventually. Improvised circle by the RA Richard Kopf (super late cummer). OnIn at the nearby Gasthaus Weinbeisser. 50 % off on Mondays!

Listen to what the man says

On Out.

Watch what happens!

Friday 10 June 2011

What's next?

I am still lacking behind with some writeups which will follow in due course. I am also trying - not too hard, but still - to keep this mainly Hashrelated Blogs lively with the addition of the odd muzak thang, amongst other things. Do give the Van Wilder Drinking Buddy Game a try. Right click and choose "open in new window" or "open in new tab".

More to be added shortly. Thanks for being you.

Saturday 4 June 2011


The Kahlenbergerdorf, located somehow at an northeastern angle of Vienna, houses some nice Heurigens as well as the Jungfernsteig. That is an ascending slope leading uphill to the lovely church on top of the hill (Kirche am Leopoldsberg), and I am writing about a very steep uphill run that quickly after the start turned into a walk. The only notable exceptions on Monday, May the 2nd who actually managed to do some uphill running were Just Justin and Big John's Son. After just 2 kilometres we arrived on top of the hill at the church, enjoying great views over the city.

gaping heroes

King Ralph and Pommes mit Mayo caught up just before the Song Stop, after this it was on off to an enjoyable round along some of the higher regions of the 19th district. Steep descents - of course! - and much fun was had by all. On back downhill eventually towards the carpark and the circle right next to the regularly and heavily frequented RAILWAY LINES. Here's to Ice ´Queen who proved to be fit enough to set a kinda strenuous track (first 1,6 ks) and then did the whole thing again with you lot.

Somewhere in Vienna

On Out.  Haven't had Brand X in a while, nein?

Thursday 2 June 2011

Back to the Egg

One quality that my dearly beloved wife and I displayed for many a year and lotsa Hashruns was to come up with new and/or hardly used locations anf cough up nice runs for you lot. Partly due to time constraints for us Ice Queen and Slush Puppie took over this noble task and I herewith credit these two for being inventive enough to show the group once known as the Worlds Worst Hash all around the place within reach of Vienna that there is more than the Rahlgasse in the 6th district, par exemple.

Found one!

Sulz im Wienerwald and the adjecent assembly of houses called Wöglerin (inlcuding a fine Gasthaus) were the starting point for the Easter Monday run on April 25th. Lots of forest and extended meadows and a short thunderstorm at the run's start were the ingredients for a long run around the area that included egg checks (look for one easter egg each at one check) and the old fashioned egg liquor check (mind you to bring along at least a second bottle next year please!).


The circle happened in between two huge piles of logs and featured a door mat in Union Jack colours.
OnIn at the Gasthaus Wöglerin.

On Out.