Sunday 15 November 2015


Se* Energy and I were fortunate enough to have lived in the city of light for three years fom 1993 - 1996, just before we joined the Vndobona Hash Chapter. We ran with all three of the local Hashes (Paris, Saint Cloud and Fontainebleau), started Hash runs at midnight from underneath the Eiffel Tower, had a Hash relay run from Paris to Fontainebleau that again started from the Eiffeltower at one Sunday 6.a.m. and generally had a wonderful and memorable time with and without the Hash in this fantastic city. If you have never been to Paris then do so whenever you get the chance. It is a chaming and wonderful place.

My heart and thoughts are with the people of Paris and all les Francais. Le savoir vivre and the Hashing spirit - fun, friendship, drinking - will prevail. Terror will not.

Until something better comes along?

AGM, Annual Grand Meeting. That occasion is always worthy to reminiscence/recapitulaze about what has happened. And what will be. Evers since 2002 the World's worst chose it'S annual refuge to meet, dedate, drink, elect and eventually forget at the Gösser Bierinsel - the VH3 Hash House - at the far end of the Prater, not far from the Lusthaus. The main reason to do so, apart from the vast forest all around - was and still is the demeanour of the owner Frau Eva, the waiter Herr Josef, the Cook Big Ben and all the rest of the staff there. (Past Quote from Frau Eva at one the countless evening drink sessions at the Hash House when other guests started to complain about the drunken depraved debauchery that was beginning to unfuld : "DAS (we, the Hash, please note) SIND LUSTIGE LEUTE, MIT DENEN MAN SPASS HABEN KANN UND WENN EUCH  (the other guests) DAS NICHT PASST, KÖNNTS IHR GERNE GEHEN!"  (I am raising my virtual glass/can/bottle to that)

Hash waiter Herr Josef, at the AGM in 2014

Well, Frau Eva and Big Ben are about to retire by the end of 2015 so this meeting had a sentimental note to it. The preceding run , I must admit, was really nicely set leading around forest at the Lusthauswasser, then all the way back to the Heustadlwasser with a BEERSTOP being held at the Schutzhaus-Heustadlwasser (and mind you, Richard Kopf was the Hare, duly assisted by Nail Me as Herr Grandmeister couldn't sober up in time on his way back from a Lobster Dinner in Budapest). After that welcomed beerbreak it was on back across the Prater Hauptallee and at long last on in to the carpark and subsequent circle. Thanks to global warming, the Prater area and the Hash House in special were crowded with walkers/drinking guests so the circle had to be exceeded by yet another 30 minutes.

As usual at these meetings a) the Hash finances were presented to be in a healthy state and b) there were hardly any chances in the "mismanagement" that more or less is consisiting of the entire Vindobona Hash anyway. Apart from the new GM of Vice Lopsided Backside. Sincere congrats from yours truly herewith! The next morning or so Mister Grandmeister sent  out a strange message via Hashgroups, thanking everyone for everything and "fortunately I (he) was not facing any opposition during the election but I (he) was too inebriated" to remember too much anyway. Besides all things events next year, the Eurohash 2017 is a mere 19 months around the corner!

A wedding reception and a Cardinal's speech

Due to different commitments and obligations I had not been able to do a Hashrun in two months. That will soon and hopefully change but is of no importance to this blog. In the meantime, there was this GREAT and well-attended wedding reception starring Herr Grandmeister and Mrs. Multiple Entry in Bratislava at the beginning of October. I have successfully managed to get my greedy hands on the Cardinal's (OVH) speech which I have the pleasure to present here for all posterity, unabridged:

"Faithless Flock!

Before we begin the ceremony of marital bondage, I would like, on behalf of our loely couple, to extend heartfelt grettings to all who have traveled so near and for this joyous event. Many of you have come from distant parts of Europe, from Russia, and Japan. Others have come from Canada, Lompock, and Kuka manga. One person, I am told, has even come from that despicable city of Cleveland Ohio (God save his soul!). Welcome one and all!

So without further ado, let us start the sacred ceremony.

     Dearly Intoxicated!

We are gathered in the presence of this rbble to join this man (?) and this woman in Holy Matress Monkey. Attesting to their dreary and lonely lives, they have now resolved to end their plight by going home together and getting lucky every night without the need for self-gratification or technology. We have come to celebrate the end of their wayward and degenerate lives and cheer them into co habitational, marital bliss (I think I need a drink!)

If any man can show just cause why they may not lawfully be joined together, let him speak now or forever hold his peace... Or talk to me in the lobby after the ceremony...

Donald, Le Canard (car-narr) confit, Le canard de Pekin, Le anard assis, Le canard Mat, villain petit canard, Le canard siffleur, Le canard caoutchouc (kau-chouc), Le canard domestique, Gautierer!

Do you take this woman to be thy wedded wife, to love her, to comfort her, to honor her in sickness and in health, even on bad hair days and good, until the beer runs out? (Please don't quack).

(I do)

Lena (See paper) Bottle of Vodka,

do you take this man(?) to be thy wedded husband, to love and comfort him, honor him abd keep him in sickness and in health or at least until something better comes along?

(I do) ... you bet you do...

Who is given this woman to this man? (sponsor of bride leads to minister - right hand of bride to right of groom).

Repeat after me

I, Donald Duck, take you, bottle of vodka, to have and to hold from this day forward for better or for wordse, or at least until my bank account runs out. Unto thee I plight my troth (whatever that means).

I, bottle of vodka, take you, Donald duck, to have and to hold fromt his day forth for better or for worse and I hope to god it is for the better!

(best man gives ring to duck left hand cha cha cha)

Beer Prayer"