Friday, 25 March 2011

Where did you get that nice suntan?

No reports for the runs on Feb. 27 and March 6 respectively which I both could not attend. Rather coming full circle with my own Hashing past which is the annual Ski Week Solidarity run that rather unusually was held after the actual Ski Week as we were on holiday ourselves then (but not taing part in the Hash Ski Week).

Similar to the other annual run that I am involved with this one has two main directions where the trail could lead one. More often than not the tradition of a live run is being uphold in the area around Karlsplatz and Naschmarkt, yet four years ago long time Cohare Munk instigated running through the AKH which, for all Non-Viennese is a real big and I do mean big hospital with wide corridors. Great to use once. This time we took off to set ta live trail again from the Votivkirche, covering parts of the extended inside park of the Alte AKH (great Christmas market area!) and got close to the actual AKH hospital but stayed outside and headed back to the starting point by taking a few backroads through the 9th and then the 1st district.

Come rain or shine

Exact run setting time was thirty minutes and another exact ten minutes later Tickpleaser and Mind the Gap arrived as the FRBs, the former really eager to catch us. 10 more or so followed in due course, the most remarkable onew (Solidarity virgin) were Needleman and returnee Death to Flying Things.

OnIn at the Stieglambulanz nearby.

On Out.

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