Monday, 7 March 2011

The Beauty and the East

Happy New Year the East Asian Way (The Chinese Way?) with more of the same i.e. meet up at Rahlgasse in Viennas 6th district, run a bit thru very well known area and enjoy some taste food at a nearby Asian restaurant, Hares being Staning There and Slusg Puppie. Don't get me wrong, all of this is very likable. It's just.... winter and the urge for environment when you DO make up your mind to meander around aimlessly should be less the city but slightly more the forest area. Yet all of this is only my two cents of course. Bet all participants had a rolicking good time and stuffed themselves near to blow up status at the On After. It's all speculation since I couldn't make this run. Anyhow.

It's Chinese New Year
May the year of the rabbit
Bring health, peace and joy

On Out

The Revolution starts with a cool cheap beer

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