Thursday, 2 June 2011

Back to the Egg

One quality that my dearly beloved wife and I displayed for many a year and lotsa Hashruns was to come up with new and/or hardly used locations anf cough up nice runs for you lot. Partly due to time constraints for us Ice Queen and Slush Puppie took over this noble task and I herewith credit these two for being inventive enough to show the group once known as the Worlds Worst Hash all around the place within reach of Vienna that there is more than the Rahlgasse in the 6th district, par exemple.

Found one!

Sulz im Wienerwald and the adjecent assembly of houses called Wöglerin (inlcuding a fine Gasthaus) were the starting point for the Easter Monday run on April 25th. Lots of forest and extended meadows and a short thunderstorm at the run's start were the ingredients for a long run around the area that included egg checks (look for one easter egg each at one check) and the old fashioned egg liquor check (mind you to bring along at least a second bottle next year please!).


The circle happened in between two huge piles of logs and featured a door mat in Union Jack colours.
OnIn at the Gasthaus Wöglerin.

On Out.

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