Friday, 25 March 2011

Where there is no such thing

A Vindobonian Hash Ski Week that not only should be copyrighted after the success they've had for more than twenty years by attracting Hashing Ski affiliates from near and far is also being preceded by the now infamous Blue Moon Run through some Red lighted terrain in Viennas 2nd district. This all took place on Friday, Feb 25.
The Volkertplatz which also houses the Volkertmarkt, one of Viennas great street markets, yet again was the starting point and the Cafe Na Und the OnIn for to-nite. Familiar and not so familiar faces came by, at the start of the run it was about 20 diehards and on off into the second district. Not so much new or uncommon to write about the track, only when I found out that the Hares Flounder and Multiple Entry had the audacity to exactly re-enact last years happenings. Meaning the same trail, the same house of ill repute somewhere in Viennas 2nd district (with a hefty increase on the beer price, last year I think they charged a fiver for the small bottle to 7 Euros and 50 cents this time, a fifty percent increase!). And the second beerstop up in nearby Pussy Schumis appartment.
The short circle in the cold with no police appearance this time in startk contrast to the last two years just featured a few overly curious boys from the neighbourhood. And then it was on off to the delicacies (?) of the Cafe Na Und's kitchen

On Out to Hashers Night on the Town!

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