Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Get on your Boots

All change. As much as I like daylight saving time (Sommerzeit) my wife hates it. In the past the changing of the clocks led to a few funny situations where Hashers either arrived much too early or rather late-ish to the run on that date.
This seemed to have not been the case outside the American International School here in Vienna somewhere in the 29th district on Sunday, March 27. A good crowd assembled in the non-existing carpark to start the run  on up.
All the way up the Salmannsdorfer Straé and then into the forest heading for the Höhenstraße nonstop fun for the fit ones was guaranteed. Crossing the Höhentrasse and getting stopped by a short Checkback brought us back abd eventually to the Viewpoint at the Häuserl am Roan not far from our annual refuge at the Grüß Di A Gott Wirt.

On over the Höhenstrasse and back into the woods heading for the way home featured the way down some sort of steep hill and an old fashioned cobblestone road in town again. Only to face the following upon our return to the carpark:

Beer in PET bottles, a novelty to Voenna.

During the ensuing circle three new boots could be welcomed:

Not genuine Ostriches 

And that was that.

On Out.

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