Saturday, 4 June 2011


The Kahlenbergerdorf, located somehow at an northeastern angle of Vienna, houses some nice Heurigens as well as the Jungfernsteig. That is an ascending slope leading uphill to the lovely church on top of the hill (Kirche am Leopoldsberg), and I am writing about a very steep uphill run that quickly after the start turned into a walk. The only notable exceptions on Monday, May the 2nd who actually managed to do some uphill running were Just Justin and Big John's Son. After just 2 kilometres we arrived on top of the hill at the church, enjoying great views over the city.

gaping heroes

King Ralph and Pommes mit Mayo caught up just before the Song Stop, after this it was on off to an enjoyable round along some of the higher regions of the 19th district. Steep descents - of course! - and much fun was had by all. On back downhill eventually towards the carpark and the circle right next to the regularly and heavily frequented RAILWAY LINES. Here's to Ice ´Queen who proved to be fit enough to set a kinda strenuous track (first 1,6 ks) and then did the whole thing again with you lot.

Somewhere in Vienna

On Out.  Haven't had Brand X in a while, nein?

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