Monday, 11 April 2011

Ka Boom Part 2

The second and last part of the great powderfactory run series out there in Blumau happened on Sunday, March 13. I didn't have time to come to the first one last year so I was quite curious what to expect from an area of ruins in all sorts and forms, debris, tunnels and forest.  Take a few pics as example that the Hares Deodorant and Knödel mit Ei made sure that everyone was served, including a fine songstop next to the water.

They call it a bargain

A fine trail that included all forms of ruins, tunnels and forest and a beer stop in Deodorants garden, of course one had to climb up and down ladders again to reach the well cooled beer afterwards.
Some ten minutes later it was on back to the carpark with a circle in the wind.

Not really the Vindobona Hashhouse


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