Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The Moment of Clarity

Another corner of lovely Vienna that houses good Heurigens and great scenery is Strebersdorf, out there across the Danube and on the way to Korneuburg. Being a much preferred area by our dearly beloved GrandMeister St.Norman, that area on bottom of the Bisamberg saw many a run that either had a large loop to the right or to the left leading all the way up to the hilltop.

To-nites trail on May 9 took a left turn after the start, leaving behind the local cemetery and not long after did the uphill campaign start and that also include the sly use of a regular false trail (well done Hares!) which eventually ended at a very well known Checkpoint in the middle of the vineyards and that also gave way to a familiar look. And, it was pleasant to see Returnee Squeeze Box Mama.

There it is!

By the way, orientation has become a lot more complex around the area since the Powers that be (neither LGB nor St.Norman) took away the famed Sender am Bisamberg. Anyhow. Not intruding into another well known running area on top of the Bisamberg (runs that start from the other side at the Elisabethhöhe) the trail ran back along the local Kellergassen and to the car park eventually. Improvised circle by the RA Richard Kopf (super late cummer). OnIn at the nearby Gasthaus Weinbeisser. 50 % off on Mondays!

Listen to what the man says

On Out.

Watch what happens!

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