Saturday, 7 September 2019

Finest Pleasure

Following up on last year glorious Muddy Angels Run (look here for the previous post with explanations), 8 merry Harriettes of the World's Worst teamed up to partake in this years edition in the Prater area of Vienna, near the Ernst Happel Soccer Stadium. No sun and no warmth to-day, rather rain and plenty of mud for everyone

I can see all obstacles in my way 

Shortly after 10 a.m. all participants with entourage arrived, a few cigarettes were smoked, a bottle of prosecco was emptied and and off our heroines went towards the starting line, taking off punctually at 11 o'clock. The task was not to run fast or slow but rather to master the various obstacles by means of working together as a team (which, at the second last obstacle, made for some great photos, have a look at the second last pic below).

Mostly Muddy
Getting further along the track more obstacles came up and were put behind bravel, and the overall running time of one hour went by a bit too fast (for me at least). After well deserved high fives for the glorious eight (Casting Couch, Kuty Pi, Root CAnal, Anita Hanjob, Victorias Secret, S.Energy surprise and special guest Afterglow coming all the way from Hannover and Lopsided Backside) refreshing drinks of the bubbly kind were served by their loyal supporters (male cheerleaders). A fine Hashworthy experience, I suppose that fun was had by all.

Wish that was beer

All for one and one for all! 

Smiles ahead

Lotsa Muddy Angels pics can be admired here.

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