Thursday, 5 September 2019

Spill the Wine

The Monday evening run period is nearing its end and Tickpleaser helped to ease the pain by setting a  on Tirolerhof, a little uphill from Perchtoldsdorf. Having been to many a run that started from this place, I expected straight uphill running with no excuses. To my mild surprise it was all the down the udder side, right thru the lovely and widespread vineyards,  a joy to watch right before the start of harvest with all grapes still up in full glory.

Coming into Perchtoldsdorf the trail continued on to a bit of unknown terrain (for me), steep roads down and much more up until a big fenced door came up in front of us. Another surprise was when the Hare opened the unlocked door and we continued onto the drink stop of the month (try to remember the booze of September).

The Wine is nigh! 

Come by and see

The wonderful Mohrenberger Alm, offering spectacular views all around, offered great wine, Sturm (the non fermented wine), water of course and a well assorted library for the curious ones. Fully recommended to visit this place whenever it is open and your time permitting. The Vindobona area has many different Heurigen places and this one plays in the upper league (for me). And an Ostrich wine drinking song for your entermainment is herewith provided.

Me REALLY likey! 

Warning: Reading can broaden your horizon!

The short and dark way back to the circle brought, after running a bit through the already pitch dark forest, another great view all over Vienna in evening lights. During the short circle (in the absence of the RA) the two late cummers King Ralph and Mr. Pink were awarded Down Downs, as well as Eurohash survivors Victoria's Secret, Barefoot, Holy Roamin' Empress and Prince of Barkness, both OVH. No swimming afterwards (I was told) but the running shoes of Walrus mysteriously disappeared from the Hares's garden and Mr. Vice GM had to travel home in much too small garden crocs that were lent to him, well meant. To be continued, perhaps.

Moron pics not taken by a Moron to be seen here.

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  1. mind me there were some brave -mainly harriettes!- who jumped into the presumably rather warm water ;-)
    and best story ever - the one of the vanished shoes.... ;-))))