Saturday, 8 September 2018

Quick and Dirty

Breaking up the string of regular Run Reports and such here is a short story about a Female-only run event that happened earlier today in Vienna at the Harness Racing track in the Krieau which is part of the Prater area (with our very own Hash House only a couple of kilometres away).

10 brave and merry Harriettes of the World's Worst teamed up for a 5 k event which was called the Muddy Angel Run (a charity run for Breast Cancer help and without timing), and at the allotted starting time of 10:40 AM an even merrier bunch of 6 Gents (+daughter Fallen Angel and pooch Just Melios) who served as Chaperones carried all the runners belongings, quite a few bottles of Prosecco and, in my case, a cooler full of beer, to the venue to watch the fun unfold.

An example of the fun that our ladies were to enjoy during the Muddy Angel run event

The running track was marked with pink tape and looked a little complicated to follow for the bystanders, therefore seeing our group of Harriettes at all the obstacles during the run was not possible. Nevertheless the excitement for the spectators was to witness the team spirit that was displayed, as they all waited for each other at the waterpool, the mudcrawl, the bubblefoam bath etc. and the finish line was crossed by all together. My sincere congratulations to all Harriettes who took part in this charity run, after changing and showering (cold of course) a little picnic with Prosecco and beer was had. We also met MOM after the run (out to watch his daughers run) and Molotovs Vagina, now a mother of two boys.

A truly great and inspiring occasion. Fun was indeed had by all. Prof. DDr. Felch, OVH and myself took plenty of pics and we will forward these in due course to the Moron Brothers to put them up on the Hash Photosite. Pics of this remarkable event can now be watched here and there.
And now on to the visual proof of my gibberish :-

Excitement before the start

Stop the press - who is that?

Way to go!

Fidgety Feet 

It's only Rock'n Roll but we like it

Hold on tight!

There was more water to come

Take me to the Ballgame

Everyone's a winner! 

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  1. thanks to all chaperones - without you we might have had even more fun but no cool prosecco :-)) OnOn CC