Sunday, 28 October 2018

You saw the Whole of the Moon

Most of us remember Irate Rover who left some time ago and moved back to Northern Ireland. He once used to live alongside the Nußdorfer Lände, close to where the Nordbrücke crosses the River Danube.

The October Full Moon had just passed, we have seen Moon topic Movies, we know that the Moon ain't made of green cheese and, being a non-regular to our Full Moon runs, I was surprised to see more than 20 Full Moon runners.

Kuty Pi, being a Hare of the sportive sort used quite a bit of the 19th district area and god knows how many quiet streets with just posh houses we did run through until the pre-announced drink stop, the Buschenschank Wanderer am Nussberg was reached. Weisswein gespritzt and Beers made everyone happy and then it was on back downhill, sometimes through the pitchdark until the Donaukanal and the car park came along again. A fine run altogether. Moron pics will be added when they are available.

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