Sunday, 14 October 2018

Oh my GOSH oh my Golly!

After two weeks of non Hashing I steered my car up towards the Cobenzl, location of a run Hared by Grand Mattress, 2Bob and The Blessed St. Norman, OVH. As the summer does not seem to end this year (or at least the fair temperatures) it was a long and disastrous drive up the hills, only to find a plethora of Sunday drivers and packed carparks on all the numerous Gasthäuser along the Wiener Höhenstrasse.

When I arrived 40 minutes late (my own fault I know), the Cobenzl carpark was unaccessible (completely full) and cars were parked all along the Höhenstrasse (which of course is forbidden) but what the heck and OH MY GOSH our visitors were all female from the Girls Only Hash in Surrey, 19 Harriettes came to visit the more visual sites of the World's Worst. Naturally I only saw them all at the circe. When I tried to do at least the walkers trail, marks disappeared behind parked cars (only to reappear on packed pavements) later on and all I could find was the In trail which shortened my efforts to some 40 minutes (and another drive home that lasted well over an hour). Beanman was another very late latecummer and No Mercy Mistress returned home as she couldn't find any plac to park her car.
One of those GOSH ladies had done 1700 runs in her Hashing life. Well, the Surrey Hash was founded in 1975, well before our own one.

GOSH Harriettes in Vindobona


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