Thursday, 11 October 2018

After the rain has gone

Rowed Runner, Sleeping Partner and the Blessed Saint Norman, OVH were responsible for the first September run of this year, starting from Bernreiterplatz in the 21st district. On my way over the venue there thick black clouds hanging in the air and some of them resulted in an enormous downpour which washed away most of the track, so at least it seemed to me.

Also late were King Ralph and Lucky Me and together we tried our best to find some markings, the pack seemed to be long gone. The first part to the Marchfeldkanal (yet again) seemed relatively easy, but from then on it became increasingly difficult to read the Hares' minds and intentions. After a while I found myself running on my own and at some point there were no more markings. That doesn't mean much to the proud owner a just half a mind, and after several hundred metres a flower blob was visible again (I confess by then I had turned on a Maps App on my phone) and in the beginning darkness and with tired legs I reached the Gerasdorfer Straße. Being from the other side of town, this is mostly Terra Incognita for me (and the flower marks were gone again) hence I decided to play it easy and ran back all straight over the Brünner Straße to the carpark again.

The sad thing was that several walkers/latecummers missed a Beerstop. Enough cold beer at the circle made up for that. The OnIn at the nearby Jedlersdorfer Alm was a full reconciliation for the tired runner.

No pics this time but a theme song :-

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