Thursday, 11 October 2018

Joyeux Anniversaire

Continuing with the cycle of trad-runs this next one is the annual birthday run of My Pint of View, who was supported by Kuty PI (Birthyear run) to set a run of medium length which started from his hut, up there near the Exelberg somewhere. We were late as we picked up Cardinal Munk, OVH which resulted a) in bad traffic and b) chaotic search and find action that made us arrive 10 minutes late at the carpark (together with Deodorant I hasten to add).

Catching up with the pack was a matter of 15 minutes (we found the walking group) and I was surprised when that run was leading back on the other side of the hill to the carpark after 45 minutes already. Birthday down downs, circle and BBQing and My Pints extensive porch in the Darkness followed.

The Happy Hares

Pics of this run to be viewed here.

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