Thursday, 11 October 2018

Twisting by the pool

Having all those traditional runs laid out by Hash Lash at the beginning of the Vindobona Hash year is not such a bad thing. One of these evergreens is the Entenhausen (Duckville) run somewhere in the 21st district, hared by DDr. Felch, OVH and hosted by In-cock-nee-toe. These runs usually cover one part of the other of an area located not far from the A22, which is the Donauufer Autobahn, and of course the Donauinsel which is close nearby.

Yet another hot summer evening allowed for swimming and grilling afterwards, but before that the trail led on out alongside the Marchfeldkanal and - who would have thought? - after half an hour of creepy crawling through the road maze in that part of town on over to the Donauinsel. A mean checkpoint with a steep climb to follow enabled the walking pack to easily overtake the few remaining runners on our way back and nearer my swimming pool to thee, so to speak. A cruel hoax (where is Slush Puppie when one needs him?) was the promise of a beer stop which of course was not kept. thereby increasing the Hares inpopularity. But those thoughts were washed away in the pool after the run.

A frolicking couple in the water!

Urban Gardening 
Happy together! 

All pics from this run can be viewed here.

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