Saturday, 3 November 2018

Shake it all about

Finnish Hokey Pokey occurred last Sunday in Vösendorf when Horsedick and Smoking P*nis, both of partially Finnish origin, did the local Hokey Pokey for the World's Worst. Which consisted of running long and flat stretches on a grey Sunday afternoon in a Vindobonian Suburb. This suburb comprises a big lot of various shopping centres, a motorway that runs mostly underneath the town centre (and that involved a lot of tunneldigging in former years), an astounding amount of building acitivity (appartment blocks that is) and just one main road through it all.

Luckily the car park was well chosen at the beginning of that very main road and off we went - or rather walked. As we all are getting older the speed of running constantly decreases year by year. The variety in the local scenery was the constant switching between motorway panorama, wide open fields, the local cemetery and building shells of appartment blocks. The Hares split the trail in a runners and a walkers section, at one checkpoint runners and walkers were coming along from various directions, for reasons never explained.

Leningrad Cowgirl, a blast from our Hashing past came by for the first time in a long time (ashes on my head for not recognising her) and Pocahontits completed the Finnish quartet by gracing us all with her presence.

There were three birthyear Hashers, namely Horsedick, Smoking P*enis and Mister Pink each awarded with Down Downs. Halfway normal-length circle and nearby Pizzeria for the OnIn ensuing.

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