Sunday, 14 October 2018

Rise and Shine

On Wednesday last week, the receding Hareline showed a void for to-days run. Then Lopsided Backside volunteered and Se. Energy jumped on the Bandwagon. The endless summer, elongated into autumn provided another marvellous and sunny day so the run could start off from the carpark of Gumpoldskirchen Trainstation more or less on time.

Bummer McAgram, dear Friend of the World's Worst and longtime and original religious advisor of our sister Hash in Zagreb passed away a few days ago, therefore Rowed Runner, The Blessed Saint Norman, OVH and Free Willie decided to spend 7 hours driving back and forth to Strmec, Croatia and staying there for 6 hours to attend the ZH3 commemoration run for Bummer aka Zorki. 

Zagreb commemoration run for Bummer McAgram with Viennese visitors


The local afternoon run was elegantly set and in contrast to last weeks traffic extravaganza there were no long car cues and there was more enough space to park everyone's car. The trail was leading up  and into the vineyards, winding up and down the Wasserleitungsweg and eventually to a song stop where the runners and walkers trail split. Beautiful panorama was on offer and after a not too long while it was on back to Gumpoldskirchen where the Hares excelled themselves by calling for a dwink stop at a local Heurigen (Wine and Beer in plenty for everyone). The circle was opened and St.Norman, Lord Glo-Balls, Morehair, all OVH and others (Ice Queen, Free Wilie) shared amusing stories about Bummer McAgram and the influence he had on initiating our friendly ties with the Zagreb Hash. A worthy run for a fitting commemoration of a late friend.
Moron pics to be added when they are online. 

The walkers group after the song stop

This land is your land 

Further uphill 

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