Thursday, 7 November 2019

Blue Skies

So we were called back again to the location of Stadlweg #3, somewhere in Viennas 21st district, for the third time in 2019. The never ending local Indian Summer provided lots of sun and Blue Skies. Victoria's Secret, duly assisted by Her Roamin' Empress, OVH, showed us that there are more than two different ways to get through the amazing widths of the 21st district. Despite being an Ostrich myself, most of this is terra incognita for me. On the other hand, no one is forbidden from getting to know her/his capital city a little better.

And the piece of Flotsam we never seem to get successfully rid of in the form of Multiple Entry resurfaced again, with a couple more appearences in the next two posts.

Very nice run altogether with an abundance of cold beers (and other drinks), many thanks for that. Plus a box of birthday tarts was provided by Tickpleaser, who celebrated his 50th a few days ago and can now referred to as being really old. ;-)

You're never fully dressed without a smile 

There you have it 

Compare the old and the new

Lots of Brits and one Scot

It all ends here 

Many more Moron pics can be seen here.

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