Saturday, 7 December 2019

Survival of the Fittest

Originally planned for mid-Septmber, this run starting from and ending at the gates of the Pötzleinsdorfer Schloßpark Hares by Barefoot, Cheeky Monkey and Tickpleaser was postponed to last Sunday.


In spite of the fresh temperatures 25 strong Hashers convened and started the trail, which was divided into runners and partly walkers sections. I had forgotten the sheer size of that park, a location that got often used some fifteen to twenty years ago. And those paths sure went uphill (and downhill again and only halfway slippery terrain).

Chalk talk

After leaving the Park and getting further into the forest there was a fork where the runners and walkers trails split. I could see from afat the Boney M was working her way up yet another hill quite slowly and accordingly decided to stay with the walkers. I was midly surprised when soon thereafter it was into the Schloßpark again. In the very end it was a casual walk back to the start, meeting latecomer Moehair Richard KOpf, OVH on the way.

On the lookout

A highlight of the circle was the returnee Down Down for Daisy Balls, back from Asia, amongst other nominees. Before we could finish the available beer stock, the circle was called to an end. Nippy outside temperatures, you understand.

A happy Harriette

Moron pics will be linked later.


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