Sunday, 15 December 2019

Moon, my long lost friend

Whoppa and Pocahontits

Finnish Independence Day and a Memorial run for Pocahontits, who passed away last June, were the themes for the latest Full Moon Run starting from opposite the Schwedenplatz. With the impending Hash Christmas Party upon us (report to follow) there was a seemingly record number of around 35 - 40 Full Moon Hashers assembling. Hashers that have not been seen in a while such as Mindphuck, Sinex and The Bag and (later on) Leningrad Cowgirl, Little Richard (Multiple Entry comes back on a too regular basis to be mentioned here) made this an enjoyable evening. Seeing Alumni of the Vindobona Hash is always pleasant, and after cashing in all the Hash Cash, explanations were given.

To honour the sign of the times, a walkers and a runners trail were offered. As usual as of lately, 95 % of the pack decided to take it easy and walk casually through Vienna city centre. Quite early in the run, a much welcomed Wodka Stop came up and, most fittingly, taste and cold Finlandia Wodka was handed out.

The Backstreets of a Nations capital 

Finlandia Wodka Stop 

Thereafter it was on through some quieter areas of Vienna second district, after having crossed the Donaukanal. Some 15 minutes later we arrived outside an appartment building where the word was to take the elevator up top the fifth floor and wait for further instructions. Entering a small flat, it was a joy to see Leningrad Cowgirl again, waiting with a pot of Fresh Finnish Glöggi for the masses. Back down in the streets again, Little Richard, Cardinal Mink and yours truly didn't feel much like running or walking back to the start so we took the nearby tram #2 to take us back to the start. No-one noticed so I am writing it down here.

Come by bike, Mike 

The circle did not last too long - it was still a bit nippy - and that evening was concluded at a nearby Italian Restaurant.

Here are the Moron Pics. 

This song is lovingly dedicated to Pocahontits and all the other Finns at the Vindobona Hash.

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