Friday, 30 November 2018

Not quite sure

Of course I am an Ostrich and I should be supposed to know my way around the Vindobonian Area. Just getting to the Adress this run was starting from was a bit of a challenge for I would have been not much likely to find the place without a Navi app. What did one do in times where there was no Internet? Use your brains and read the roadmap properly. The adress indicated by the Hares did not even exist (no kidding) but a spot close nearby was enough to find each other, some sooner and some later. The term Böhmisches Dorf, used for "this is completely unknown to me" came to mind.

Victorias Secret and Nail Me were the Hares of the Day. Located not far from the U1 Terminus Leopoldau and at first running through garden areas, it was soon apparent that the main attractions to be viewed for the pack was the Großfeldsiedlung, kind of a satellite city which was built from 1966 onwards (Read about its history here). To my shame I herewith admit that I did like the exercise that this well laid run provided, but after a short while all this appartment blocks started to look the same for me and I felt like I was running constantly in circles, just my own two Eurocents of course.

What was very much likable were the drinkstop (glorious Schnaps) and a poetry stop (which in turn  is a reason to link the late Keith Moons such efforts). The later part of the run showed old parts and places of the Leopoldau, an area with interesting historical facts as well.

Back at the circle there were certificates for Lopsided Backside (200 runs completed), No BallsPrize and Victorias Secret (250 runs respectively). And, the merciful darkness stopped Moehair Richard Kopf from taking the circle into the wee hours.

Hvar er Snyrtingin?(Where's the toilet? in Icelandic)

Tiny Bubbler

Super, Superer, am Supersten :-)

Now, OnOn to the Hash Christmas Party tomorrow. Where's the toilet?

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